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Allow yourself to be swept away by this enchanting adventure. Take a trip to these five wildflower drives in Western Australia this spring.


Can you feel it?

The soft, gentle cares of the wind to your face, sifting through your hair. The sun, warm on your body, bright as ever. Spring is fast approaching, do you find yourself lacking ideas of what to do? If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “there’s nothing much to do in Western Australia”, well here at Crikey Camper Hire, we beg to differ.


Have you ever thought about your perfect adventure?

We’re talking about the adventure where you close your eyes, and you see it. You close your eyes, and you feel it happen. You close your eyes, and you are reminded of the feelings you had at the time. An adventure that lives in your heart and in your mind for a lifetime! A euphoric adventure.

Now we know it all sounds very far-fetched but it’s possible! Allow us to help you – all you need to do is open your hearts and minds to the possibility and go with the flow!


1. Wildflower Country Drive

Locations : Carnamah, Coorow, Mingenew, Morawa, Mullewa, Perenjori, Three Springs and Yalgoo.

Have you ever laid on a carpet of pink, gold, cream, and white Everlastings? Because almost everyone in Perth has! If you haven’t been, then you definitely need to start planning your road trip to explore the Wildflower Country this spring. Each town will provide you with so many different experience and truly remarkable beauty of blooming carpets of Everlastings. Allow yourself for three to four days trip to this colourful drives.

Check itinerary here.


2. Canola Fields in York

Locations : York, Western Australia

Did you know? Rapeseed and canola are the same things! That canola cooking oil that you use is actually from the seed of canola, which are only grown for their seeds, but they are such an incredible sight to see. Wide rolling paddocks of endless gold whilst driving down the road. Truly a magical sight! Visit the canola fields in York and go to PetTeet Park, the only place where you can legally take hundreds of photos and you don’t have to worry about damaging plants or pesticides!

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3. Lesueur Colourful Drives

Locations : Lesueur National Park, Western Australia

Be part of something unique and special and join in on the wildflower drive towards Lesueur National Park because almost 80% of the plant species in Western Australia are found nowhere else on Earth! Have you ever visited a national park that is home to one of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world and is home to almost 900 species? If not, then you’ve definitely never been to Mount Lesueur National Park!



4. Esperance Wildflower Trail

Locations : Fitzgerald National Park, Western Australia

Head south to Fitzgerald River National Park, a home to roughly 20 per cent of WA’s plant species. At this National Park you’ll see 1800 plant species including weeping gum, bottlebrush, woolly banksia, royal hakea, qualap bell and sepulcralis. While you are in the region, don’t forget to continue your journey to visit Cape Le Grand National Park. A pristine coastlines and granite peaks plus another stand-out spot to enjoy your wildflowers trail.

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5. Wave Rock Wildflower Drive

Locations : Hyden, Western Australia

Start your journey with just an hour out of Perth in York, you’ll find the spectacular gold carpet of canola fields and another wildflower trail. Make your way to Hyden, a home of the famous Wave Rock to complete a few wildflower walks in the area. On this walks, you’ll find bushland full of bottlebrush, hakeas and numerous orchid species. On your way back, make a stop in Yeerakine Rock to look at the pink candy orchids and broom milkworts. Otherwise, you can combine this drive with the Esperance Wildflower Trail.

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Now that you know that there is a diverse range of wildflowers, forests and native animals found in Western Australia that all contribute to making this region rare and unique, we hope when you hear someone say, ‘There’s nothing much to do in Western Australia,’ you can tell them all about the wildflowers blooming!

If you don’t believe this to be a truly remarkable, unforgettable experience, then there’s only one way to find out!

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