Why Choose Crikey?

Crikey makes your camping holiday a memorable experience with complete package solutions.
Leave your towable accomodation behind and explore in your fully equipped 4WD.

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Fully Equipped 4WD
Unlimited Kilometres
No charge for extra drivers
No one-way fees

Crikey Vehicle & Camper Hire Packages

Experience the complete camping solution with 4WD, camper & caravan hire. Choose from our on-road and off-road fleets.

Have a great vacation with our team, so you do not have to play bigben slots. Just spend a perfect time relaxing with nature.

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4WD Packages

4WD & Off-road Safari Camper Package

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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4WD & Off-road Safari Camper Package

4WD & On-road Suite Caravan Package

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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4WD & On-road Suite Caravan Package

4WD & Deluxe Expanda Package

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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4WD & Deluxe Expanda Package
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Caravan & Trailer

Off-road Safari Camper Trailer

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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Off-road Safari Camper Trailer

On-road Suite Caravan

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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On-road Suite Caravan

Deluxe Expanda Caravan

Why you should hire a vehicle and camper package over…

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Deluxe Expanda Caravan

How to make a booking?

Organise your trip in 3 easy steps.

1. Request

Find the right fleet for your trip, share the trip details and send your online request.

2. Approve

We will check the availability of your request and suggest alternatives if your product is not available.

3. Confirm

Confirmation will be send directly to your inbox with links to valuable planning resources.

Your New Travelling Idea

Explore Your Travel

Downloadable Guide

Discover Itineraries

Australia is a home to so many diverse destinations. Discover unique experiences
for your adventure by following some of our itineraries.

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ABOUT Crikey

All-inclusive Road Trip Solutions

Here at Crikey, we want you to have a fantastic camping experience that is why we have done all the thinking for you.

Simply grab the key and go.

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Our Locations

Our depots are located in Perth, Broome and Darwin. To help you reach the destination easily we created a Interactive map providing several points of interest to help you plan your holiday.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can we camp?

They are many beautiful campsites available in Western Australia and… Read More.

Where can I and cannot travel?

You will find all the answers to your questions in… Read More.

Where are your depots located?

Perth Broome Darwin Read More.

What towing capacity is required to tow your Safari Camper Trailers?

Off Road Camper Trailer: 1,050 kgs (towing mass – braked)… Read More.

What towing capacity is required to tow your caravans?

Expanda caravan: 1,560 kgs (towing mass – braked) and 157… Read More.

What recovery gear is included in the 4WD?

We equip each vehicle with a comprehensive recovery gear kit:… Read More.

What kind of 4WDs do you have?

All our fleet is made of 200 Series Toyota Landcruisers.… Read More.

What is your current Covid policy?

We are understand that Covid affects your confidence to continue… Read More.

Are You Ready?

Live the Crikey Experience

What our client say

michael woodsmichael woods
12:38 08 May 22
Starting with a positive - the business model is terrific. The ability to hire a 4WD with camping gear and drive any combination of Perth, Broome and Darwin is unique and opens up fantastic opportunities for those that can afford it. There are a few watchouts, particularly for the less experienced with this style of travel and equipment. The first massive watchout is insurance (mentioned by other reviewers, but I can update the numbers). Unlike most hire car firms that I have dealt with, if you don't take out their insurance ($75 a day as at April 2022 for Prado + camper)...Crikey don't just take a credit card imprint for a "bond", they actually take the money off your credit card, which for me would have been $8000 taken straight off my holiday funding. I took the $75 a day option. Be prepared for that discussion. In terms of dealing with Crikey, the overall experience of my hire was negative. What you will get when you collect the car is a 2 hour run down of how everything works in the camper and vehicle (including electronics, batteries, UHF radio, erecting the camper, kitchen set up, gas, fridge, what to do in the event of getting bogged etc). This is a lot to take in and NONE of it is documented. You have to pay very close attention to this but in my view it is simply too much information to be undocumented. Experienced users of this mode of travel may not be daunted, but others take notes, photos whatever...because (and as I learnt the hard way)...despite what they say, if you call the 1300 number for help, there is no guarantee they will answer. We had a major windscreen crack and needed their urgent advice. There was no one taking calls and eventually they responded to our text the next day. In the mean time, we had to make a call whether to buy a replacement windscreen ($1300) or wait and disrupt our holiday plans as the vehicle was not safe to drive, we had commitments to get to further up the road etc. Crikey ultimately said they would pay us back, but not immediately. They connected reimbursement to the process of the vehicle being returned and everything being checked off which would take "5 days". In my view, these are two separate issues, but the owner, Andrew, was adamant. Crikey never offered an apology or explanation for leaving us high and dry. They were more prompt on a separate occasion when the cruise control failed in the Prado. That was done well but cost us half a day as the car was required to be left at a workshop. Windscreen repair + cruise control fix equals a day of lost time so it was bewildering when Andrew suggested we should have spoken to them about the water pump in the camper not working as we could also have had that repaired, meaning more lost time. Fact is, they can't have inspected the camper prior to checking it out. The water pump didn't work, the rear mozzie zipper was broken, broken utensils and other smaller issues all of which pointed to an absence of inspection and quality control on the camper. Here they were lax but when it comes to enforcing their hiring policy, anything but lax. I asked to split the camper and car for 4 days at the end of the hire period as I didn't need it. No was the answer. OK, I asked to return them both early. No as I was 2 days inside the 30 day period. Alright then, understood. Policy is policy. Then we get a camper with defects and two major issues with the car one of which was poorly handled (atrocious more like). Crikey, if you're going to talk tough on policy which is all about protecting your interests, how about doing a better job looking after your customers once they are out on the road with your equipment? Hiring from you isn't cheap, so how about you don't leave the phones unmanned? And for crikey's sake, provide some documents on how it all works
Scott SutherlandScott Sutherland
04:16 04 May 22
Lovely clean new vans very prompt when we had a small issue with water pump but very helpful and pleasant people and company would highly recommend to anyone hiring a van or camper thanks Crikey
Kate BKate B
03:07 25 Apr 22
Absolutely fabulous experience with Crikey Campers. Fiona and the team were incredibly helpful and super responsive. The 4WD with roof tent was extremely well kitted out, clean and comfortable for our needs - a thorough (and fabulous) demo from Reebina made it all very easy. The pick up and drop off was simple and our deposit returned before we even made it home the same night. Cannot fault the team or vehicle at all. Thanks Crikey for helping make our trip so easy and super memorable. Highly recommended.
Roy SmithRoy Smith
09:32 16 Jan 22
We were really looking forward to our trip and it had to get cancelled just before Covid lockdowns.The team were originally very helpful when we tried to book our party of 3 families. We each paid our deposits.After waiting almost 5 months, we are yet to receive our refunded deposit. I'll happy to reconsider this review once we receive the refunded deposit that we were promised to us.
We hired the Jayco for nearly 2 weeks! Loved it .Fiona was super helpful. We even got engaged on our trip ! Memorable..! Totally recommend
04:58 18 Jun 21
Picked up 200 series and camper trailer in Darwin and a thorough initiation was offered (I could have probably taken more in if I wasnt so excited). Called Crikey for minor assistance (mainly where things are or how to do something) on several occaisions and was always aided promtly.Travelled the Gibb River Road and dropped off in Broome 20 days laterDrop off after cleaning vehicle was prompt and friendlyCrikey surpassed their Google reviews with flying colours and I for one will recommend them and indeed use them again.Thanks Criey for a wonderful experience.
Sanjaya De SilvaSanjaya De Silva
03:19 27 Dec 19
Hired the Camprite off road trailer. Our first experience in a camper trailer. Really good quality camper with all necessary gear.Also must mention great service by Sam during booking, Rabeena- excellent demo and Andrew with adjusting my tow bar to hook the trailer
Co MelCo Mel
09:15 10 Dec 19
What a fantastic neat and unique small company. We researched for months to find a company with equipment that would suit our demands for our looong road trip! Crikey was everything and so much more than what we had wished for. Great gear (Land cruiser & Jayco Journey), personal 24/7 support, fair prices and super helpful. Thanks again to Fiona & Andrew and the team for helping us make our Aussie adventure unforgettable! See ya!
dylan bergamaschidylan bergamaschi
04:46 31 Oct 19
Our family hired the 200 series and camprite combo from crikey for 2 and a half weeks to do the Kimberley region. We had an absolute blast and have created memories to last a lifetime. The car had plenty enough power to get us where we wanted to go and the camper was easy to set up and had heaps of space for the family inside.Customer service was great too.
Sam BrownSam Brown
07:30 08 Aug 19
We have hired a Land Cruiser & camper trailer from Crikey Camper Hire twice (2012 & 2019) & both times have been very happy with the experience. The vehicles are almost new, the camper trailer and equipment well maintained & the staff always helpful & obliging. We would thoroughly recommend Crikey Camper Hire.
Diana PepperDiana Pepper
11:01 25 Mar 19
I have to admit that I am not a huge camping fan, being a bit of a luxury girl at heart but these camper trailers made my camping experience pleasant and easy. The trailers are well appointed, the beds comfortable and the mini-kitchens well appointed. I was amazed how quick it was to set up and pack down. At our campsite, there was definite "camper-trailer envy" from other campers at how great our set up was. I'll be back again. Thanks Crikey Campers!
Charlene MartinCharlene Martin
01:25 23 Jan 19
We hired a camper trailer from Crikey in Dec 2018. They requested that we pay a $2000 security bond as we did not have a credit card and they do not accept debit cards as security. This is fine so long as the bond is returned in a timely manner. It has been four weeks and we still have not received our bond back despite numerous phone calls and emails. The camper trailer was returned clean and in good condition (we have copies of the return inspection report). There has been no response to our request for proof of payment despite us continually being told that we should receive the funds in the "next couple of days". Absolutely terrible customer service and no care whatsoever for the inconvenience this is causing us. As a result we have lodged an official complaint with consumer protection.The camper trailer itself was fine and bedding was clean. There were a couple of broken clips on the poles which wasn't a major issue. However the zipper for the flywire door did not work which allowed insects into the trailer.Moral of the story is these guys do not value their customers. BEWARE of giving them any deposit if you expect to receive it back without a hassle.

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