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Explore Western Australia’s largest outdoor art gallery

This colourful route through the Wheatbelt and Great Southern following the Public Silo Trail, which has transformed by a string of massive grain silos into works of art. What better way to get off the beaten track and explore the Wheatbelt than following these larger than life murals? The open-air gallery stretches from Northam to Albany. You’ll wind your way through gorgeous Wheatbelt country towns like Merredin, rich with bright-yellow canola fields and wildflowers in spring. There are heaps of picnic spots and nature walks around this area, as well as Aboriginal tours. Each leg of this adventure discovers a new silo mural, some are closer than others allowing for more than one leg to be completed in a day. We recommend spending at least 5 days completing this journey. There are powered and unpowered sites near all silo locations as well as ablution facilities.

Leg 1 Perth to Northam 105 kms | 1 hour 30 minutes

Northam Public Silo

Start your adventure from Perth travelling towards Northam and turning off on Northam-Toodyay Road for the first stop and Australia’s first ever painted silo mural.

Artwork by London artist Phlegm and Atlanta native Hense in April 2015.

*Please note CBH Northam Grain Termial is a fully operational grain handling site, with trucks and loading equipment constantly in use. The site is not open to the public. A safe viewing area on Toodyay Road does not currently exist, however plans are in motion to establish one in the near future.

Stay at Homestead, Valley, Drummonds or Bald Hill campsites for forest camping in the Perth Hills in your 4WD & Safari Camper Trailer package

Leg 2 Northam to Merredin 165 kms | 1 hour 30 minutes

Merredin Public Silo

The second silo artworks are located in Merredin along Great Eastern Highway. Using 200 litres of paint, 14 days, 168 hours, two lifts, 80 rollers and 10 brushes!

Artwork by Australian street artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers in August 2017.

Stay at Merredin Tourist Park for camping or fully equipped chalets and villas.

Leg 3 Merredin to Katanning 295 kms | 3 hours

Katanning Public Silo

This stop showcases a series of Western Power owned transformer boxes. The various artworks can be found off Clive and Austral Terrace.

Artworks by Western Australian artists Mel McVee, Brenton See, Chris Nixon and Darren Hutchens and Karim Jabbari from Tunisia in November 2017.

Stay at Moingup Springs forest camping close to the Stirling Ranges, Liberty Roadhouse and Katanning Caravan Park, Lake Ewlyamartup campground or Eulin Crossing Campsite.

Leg 4 Katanning to Pingrup 132 kms | 1 hour 30 minutes

Pingrup Public Silo

The silos at Pingrup took the artist 15 days and 230 litres of paint to create the mural depicting the scenes of everyday life in Pingrup’s farming community.

Artwork by Evoca1, whose name refers to the Spanish word evocar (meaning to evoke).

Stay at Pingrup Caravan Park or Nyabing Caravan Parking Facility

Leg 5 Pingrup to Newdegate 102 kms | 1 hour

Newdegate Public Silo

Newdegate is salt lake, wildflower, wheat and barley country.

From Pingrup head along Katanning-Nyabing Road to view this mural and continue on Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Road to explore Lake King or back track to Lake Grace.

Artwork by Benton See in May 2018.

Stay at Newdegate Caravan Park with your 4WD & caravan package.

Leg 6 Newdegate to Ravensthorpe 133 kms | 1 hour 30 minutes

Ravensthorpe Public Silo

The landscape around Ravensthorpe comes alive every spring with thousands of species of wildflower bursting into colour so naturally these silo murals depict the six stages of Banksia Baxteri. A species of wildflower only found between Esperance and Albany.

Artwork by Amok Island.

Stay at a variety of coastal sites on secluded beaches of Hopetoun within the Fitzgerald River National Park.

Leg 7 Ravensthorpe to Albany 293 kms | 3 hours

Albany Public Silo

Heading to Western Australia’s southernmost port city you will find the ruby sea dragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea)

Artwork by Yok (Australia) and Sheryo (Singapore) in 2018.

Stay at nature-based campgrounds such as Cape Riche, Bettys or Normans Beach, Easy Bay, Torbay Inlet or Cosy Corner Easy in your 4WD & Safari Camper Trailer package.

Total Kilometres: 1,225
Total Travel Hours: 13
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h. While the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h, the travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic and fuel / food / bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Images & Itinerary: Courtesy of Public Silo Trail and Bewley George Shaylor III

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