Top 10 foods to take camping

By May 18, 2020Crikey Blog

Unsure which staples to pack for your camping trip? We’ve picked ten essential items that can be easily carried and used in a range of dishes.

Cooking in Pender Bay

Which staples to take camping

Making a meal using just a handful of ingredients you’ve carried along is one of the joys of camping – as long as the ingredients you’ve picked are light and versatile. We’ve chosen 10 ‘staples’ that can create many meals for your campsite dining, perfect to whip up on your stove with our Safari Camper or in your kitchen if you’re in a Caravan.

1. Rice pouches

As one of the most versatile grains, rice is the foundation for so many great meals. Ready-cooked or boil-in-the-bag pouches are light and portable, and go from cooking stove to plastic plate in minutes.

2. Pasta

Whatever shape or size, pasta is a much-loved convenience ingredient that rules in a league of its own. Slender spaghetti is best for saving space, but penne and fusilli are more palatable once they’ve gone cold.

3. Bread

While bread is a must we suggest taking flatbread as you can pack it down easily. They are very versatile; can be made into a pizza or, go Mexican and fold up some melty quesadillas, or use for a wrap.

4. Tinned fruit

Some tinned fruit can double as breakfast or desserts. Tinned fruit can be mixed into an instant salad, but if you want to add a special touch, melt some chocolate to drizzle over tinned pears, then sprinkle with hazelnuts.


5. Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes can be used to make anything from a jacket potato or to bulk-up your pasta dish.

6. Condiments

Condiments are handy when camping as they allow you to add flavour to your cooking without adding to your packing. We recommend Oil, salt, pepper and your favourite sauce.

7. Nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are great for a quick snack with very little effort.


8. Pre-made

It’s time to accept the convenience and ease or ready meals.

  • Pancake mix
  • Long life noodles

9. Deli Meats

Deli meats refer to cooked meats that have been sliced and prepared for a sandwich and other light dining options. Handy for everything from lunches and dinners to snacks and canapés, deli meats add flavour to lots of recipes.  Chorizo can be eaten raw and cooked, perfect for a cheese platter or to be added to scrambled eggs or an omelette. Ham is perfect to add to sandwiches and salads, or pizzas, quiche and pasta dishes.

10. Eggs

Eggs are perfect to bulk up meals or for a simple breakfast however, we suggest buying these every few days.

Don’t forget bottles of water for everyone (they are easy to refill at the back of the camper trailer!)

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