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Colourful Drive for You

On this itinerary, we will take you to the WA’s Wildflower Trail where you can take a short break to explore the Everlasting carpets to through to the unique wreath flower. You will explore a few towns in the Wildflower country. In case you weren’t aware, each spring Western Australia bursts into bloom with more than 12,000 species of wildflowers. In fact, 60% of them are not found anywhere else in the world.

Leg 1 Perth – New Norcia 126KM

Abbey Church at New Norcia

Start this journey by taking a city tour of the beautiful buildings where you can meet a Monk at Parlor Abbey for a taste of monastic hospitality. Visit the New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery which provides an interesting insight into the monastery’s history and exhibits a selection of Aboriginal artefacts. Before heading to your next destination, enjoy lunch at Salvado Cafe located at New Norcia Roadhouse.

Leg 2 New Norcia – Dalwallinu 120KM

Wattle flower

This is where your wildflower path begins. Be sure to visit the Dalwallinu Discovery Center where you can get information on local wildflower hotspots. Dalwallinu is part of Western Australia’s world-famous tourist route as it is the largest density of the Wattle (Acacia) species found anywhere in the world.

Leg 3 Dalwallinu – Morawa 149KM

Wreath Flower in Perenjori

Continue north along the Wildflower Way. Visit locations such as Wubin, Buntine Rock, Latham, and Perenjori to explore the many reserves and native bushland areas. Treat yourself to a WA wildflower centre of WA with carpets of Everlastings and unique Wreath Flower. Then finish your day in beautiful Morawa town.

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Leg 4 Morawa – Coalseam Reservation Park85KM

Coalseam Reservation Park

Today, your goal is to explore a spectacular colorful wildflower in Coalseam Reservation Park. It is a place which rich in history and geology, where you can see a wide range of diverse wildflower and wildlife. In Coalseam Conservation Park you can also explore the site of Western Australia’s first coal mine, view fossilised marine life in the riverbanks and take a walk to enjoy carpets of some of the most unique wildflowers in Australia.

Leg 5 Coalseam Reservation Park – Mingenew33.5 KM

Mingenew Hill

After morning walks in Coalseam Reservation Park, it is time for you to visit Mingenew town and enjoy a friendly and authentic country destination. Whilst at Mingenew town, grab a lunch from Mingenew Bakery and head off to discover colourful assortment of wildflowers species at Depot Hill. Finish your day with sunset on Mingenew Hill and rest yourself in Mingenew Spring Caravan Park.

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Leg 6 Mingenew – Perth 362KM

This is your final day of Wildflowers road trip. Before you head off to Perth, take a stop and explore more towns in this wildflowers country such as Three Springs, Carnamah and Coorow. Enjoy the scenic drive of colourful wildflowers along the road.

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