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Relocation Deals

We don’t currently have a relocation available, however if you are interested in becoming a relocation driver in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a relocation deals?
Many hire companies including us at Crikey Camper Hire often have the problem that a vehicle is located in one city (A), but the next booking starts in another city (B). Therefore they need to get the vehicle from A to B, which is known as a relocation. These are usually advertised with a discount on the vehicle and the price depends on which type of relocation driver you are. As these vehicles are heavily discounted from their original daily rate, there are a few special terms and conditions in place which separate these from regular hires. Please see the relocation terms and conditions below for more details. Which kind of relocation driver am I?
  1. You are given a generous number of days to complete the drive.
    • This allows time for a limited holiday experience.
    • The driver is responsible for costs such as flights and fuel. The daily rate offered is dependent on the length of time taken.
  2. We need the equipment moved from ‘A’ to ‘B’ within a very short time frame.
    • The time allocated for these relocations allow for safe driving practices to be exercised yet does not allow time for sightseeing or detours.
    • In these cases some costs are covered by the company.
Please familiarize yourself with the special Relocation Terms and Conditions so you have a clear understanding of the differences between relocations and standard hires. Please find our regular terms and conditions. Download and fill up our relocation terms and conditions.