Power Management for the 4WD & Safari Camper package

The beauty of our set up is that you don’t need to stay at powered campsites every night! We would recommend staying at a powered campsite once every two weeks.

The fridge runs off the battery in the car, so as long as you do a certain amount of driving each day or two, the auxiliary battery will recharge as you drive and power the fridge.
If you stay in one place for a while with minimal driving, you will need to monitor the health of the battery. There are 12v sockets in the camper trailer that you can plug the fridge into so you can give the car battery a break. This is a good option for those situations.
There is also a battery voltage monitor in the car and camper trailer so you can see how they are going.

Typically, a full battery (either car or trailer) can run the fridge for approximately 3 days without driving to recharge.

There are 3 batteries in the kit – the cranking (starting) battery in the car, the auxiliary (second) battery in the car and the camper trailer battery.

While driving (moving under load….not just the engine on with the car sitting idle), the car will recharge the batteries, first prioritising the starting battery, then when that’s full it will charge the second battery, and when that’s full it will charge the trailer battery (through the Anderson plug). Around 5 hours of driving should fully charge a flat battery.

Typically, if you are not running the fridge from the trailer, you will have approximately 3 weeks worth of power from that battery, as all you are using is the 12v water pump, recharging the 2 x LED lights we supply, and recharging your own devices such as phone’s, iPads, etc., however these can also be charged in the car as you drive.

There are 12V and USB outlets available in the 4WD & Safari Camper package.


4WD and Safari Camper

Crikey 4WD and Safari Camper


Power Management for the 4WD & Caravan Package

Dependant on your travel plans, you are not restricted to powered sites. All campers are fitted with a 110 amp battery which enables your caravan to be used on a non powered sites if required. Please note no appliances running on 240V would run in this situation. This means that the microwave, the A/C or coffee machine or toaster for example cannot be turned on if the caravan is not plugged to 240V. In this case, we would recommend hiring a small generator in order to power those appliances. Each caravan has a couple of gas burners so that you are still able to cook when staying on a non powered site. We would recommend staying on a powered site once a week in order to fully recharge the batteries.

Please note the Anderson plug with the 4WD and Caravan Package does not recharge the batteries of the caravan. The Anderson plug only allows the fridge of the caravan to run while driving. If you stay at a non powered site, the fridge will start running with gas.

Most importantly, if you are staying at campsite and not driving each day or two, you will need to monitor the health of the vehicle’s batteries (cranking and auxiliary) as the fridge will continue drawing power if not turned off. In this case we would recommend using the caravan’s fridge only.


Crikey Camper Hire 4WD + Caravan Package

4WD and Caravan Package. Choose the Expanda for comfort or Luxury Suite for extra comfort!


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