Power management with the off-road camper trailer

Dependant on your travel plans, you are not restricted to powered sites with a Crikey Camper Trailer. All campers are fitted with a 110 amp battery which enables your camper to be used on unpowered sites if required. The battery can last up to 3 weeks when using the lights and the water pump. Please note for any appliances running on 240v, you will need to be at a powered campsite. If you are using a fridge and staying idle for awhile, you can plug the fridge in the 12v outlet of the camper trailer. Please note the battery of the camper will last up to 3 days. In those cases, we recommend hiring a generator.

Safari Camper electrics

240v is available when staying at a powered campsite


Power management with a Crikey caravan

All caravans are fitted with a 110 amp battery which enables your caravan to be used to be used on a non powered site. Please note that appliances running on 240V would not run in this situation. This means that the microwave, the A/C or coffee machine or toaster for example cannot be turned on if the caravan is not plugged to 240V. In this case, we would recommend hiring a small generator in order to power those appliances. Each caravan has a couple of gas burners so that you are still able to cook when staying on a non powered site. We would recommend staying on a powered site once a week in order to fully recharge the batteries.

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