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Perth to Broome Journey including destinations along the Coral Coast and North West

The drive from Perth to Broome will take you 14 days at least, but we recommend taking a few extra days for your driving adventure to take in some of the sights, day trips, coastal landscapes, beaches, towns, geological wonders, and attractions that Western Australia has to offer along the way.

Leg 1 Perth to Geraldton ± 463km | 5.5 hours

Lancelin Sand Dunes @CJMaddock

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Head north of the city towards your first suggested stop: Yanchep National Park. This relaxing region of bushland and wetland is a haven for native wildlife, housing western grey kangaroos, koalas, and a wide variety of birds. See how manyyou can spot along the walking trails, one of which has a boardwalk raised amongst the tree canopies. Another attraction here is Crystal Cave, an enchanting subterranean cavern system, nicknamed the ‘jewel city’ for its illuminated stalagmites, stalactites, and helictites alongside a glittering underground stream. Tours are available daily from the McNess Visitor Centre;guides can tell you about the fascinating tiny creatures that live in this magical underworld.

Continue along Indian Ocean Drive to reach Lancelin Sand Dunes, a renowned destination of white sandy dunes perfectfor sandboarding and off-road driving. For some exhilarating (and cheap!) fun, hire a sandboard and spend an hour or two sliding down the slopes, which include some of the biggest in Western Australia. Walking back up is the tiring part—but it’s worth it for the lovely panoramic views over Lancelin and beyond!

Another hour’s drive brings you to The Pinnacles Desert. This must-see landscape is often described as like being onanother planet. Natural limestone pillars, which formed around 25,000-30,000 years ago by receding sea waters, stand proudly up to 3.5m tall amongst the sandy desert within Nambung National Park. You can drive the one-way 4.5km looped trail, stopping at designated parking bays to get a closer look.

About 40 minutes onwards is Jurien Bay—an excellent spot to stay the night if you don’t carry on right through to Geraldton. This sweet seaside town is known for its excellent fishing, which not only attracts human fishermen to the area but a bunch of playful sea lions, too. Local tour operators can take you out to snorkel with them near one of their preferred offshore homes, Essex Rocks, where a colony of about 30 of these ‘sea puppies’ reside.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Jurien Bay:

  • RAC Cervantes Holiday Park
  • Jurien Bay Tourist Park
  • Sandy Cape Recreation Park

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Geraldton:

  • BIG4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park
  • Geraldton Caravan Park
  • Belair Gardens Caravan Park

Leg 2 Geraldton to Kalbarri ± 202km | 2.5 hours

Kalbarri Nature’s Window @Tom Hoy

After a coffee at one of Geraldton’s many cafes, get on the road heading north for about an hour to Hutt Lagoon. Also known as Pink Lake, this is a super popular Instagram spot, owing to the fact the lagoon often appears to be—you guessed it—bright pink. The bubble-gum hue is due to the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina, which is commonlyused in dietary supplements and cosmetics. Depending on the season and weather, the intensity of the colour can vary. We recommend visiting between 10 am and 2 pm on a sunny, cloudless day (if you can) to maximise your chances ofseeing it at its most pink. Take Port Gregory Road to admire the contrast of the blue ocean on one side of the road against the pink lagoon on the other.

Following the coastline for another hour brings you to Kalbarri National Park. Covering over 186,000 hectares, the parkfeatures a spectacular 80km long gorge, formed by the Murchison River over the past 400 million years or so. You can walkright over the edge of the cliffs above the gorge on Kalbarri Skywalk, which offers incredible views of the red and white striped sandstone from above. Across the gorge is the 8km Loop Walk, featuring the famous Nature’s Window. This iconic attraction, made of layered Tumbalagooda Sandstone, forms the perfect frame for a photo of the gorgeous views beyond.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Kalbarri:

  • Murchison House Station
  • Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park
  • Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park
  • Kalbarri Anchorage Caravan Park

Leg 3 Kalbarri to Dirk Hartog Island ± 461km | 6.5 hours

Australia’s most westerly point, Steep Point @CJMaddock

After Kalbarri, Hamelin Pool is well worth a stop. This protected marine nature reserve is home to a huge range of stromatolites, also referred to as ‘living fossils.’ A 200m boardwalk lets you view these rare, ancient microbial reefs fromabove. If you continue west for another two and a half hours, you’ll reach the westernmost point of mainland Australia—Steep Point. It can be a rough road towards the end, only suited to high clearance4WDs and off-road campers, but you’ll be rewarded with the honour of standing 200m above the Indian Ocean on the absolute edge of the country!

Nearby Shelter Bay is where you can catch the barge service over to secluded Dirk Hartog Island. This World Heritage site is a paradise for 4WDing, full of dramatic natural scenery and pristine sandy beaches. Home to WA’s largest loggerhead turtle rookery, as well as regularly hosting visiting dugongs, humpback whales and rays, the island is undergoing an ecological project to restore the environment back to how it was first found by Dutch captain Dirk Hartog in 1616.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Steep Pointand Dirk Hartog Island:

  • Steep Point campground
  • Shelter Bay campground
  • Homestead Campground
  • Notch Point Campsite
  • Louisa Bay Campground

Leg 4 Explore Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island National Park @TourismWA

If you’re willing to extend your trip by 5-7 days, do yourself a favour and stay on Dirk Hartog Island a little longer. Keep inmind there’s no fuel on the island, so make sure you fill up first at the Overlander Roadhouse back in Hamelin Pool. Prior booking is essential to visit and camp on the island, and we recommend this experience for confident 4WDers only since the tracks can be pretty wild.

The island has loads of bushwalking, rock pool swimming, blowhole watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, snorkelling, and diving opportunities. Not to mention stunning, secluded beaches that you’ll very often have all to yourself. Cape Inscription is the site of the earliest known landing of Europeans on the shores of Western Australia, and the Surf Point sanctuary zone hosts hundreds of metre-long reef sharks and nervous sharks between July and October.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around DirkHartog Island:

  • Homestead Campground
  • Notch Point Campsite
  • Louisa Bay Campground

Leg 5 Dirk Hartog Island to Monkey Mia ± 332km | 5 hours

Gregories Campground Francois Peron National Park @CJMaddock

Make sure to stop at Shell Beach as you continue exploring the Shark Bay region. Not surprisingly, trillions of tiny shells make up the beaches here, all originating from one species—the Fragum cockle. The shells are up to 10m deep in some places, and the water here is extra salty, so you’ll be especially floaty if you decide to take a refreshing dip.

The small town of Denham is only another 30 minutes up Shark Bay Road. With a population of approximately 1000, this is the main gateway town for the region, with Francois Peron National Park right next door. This national park is another4WD-exclusive experience, required to access the orange ochre sand tracks and brilliant red cliffs. Bottle Bay is a choicespot for snorkelling beneath such cliffs, and from Skipjack Point you might spot turtles, manta rays, sharks, dugongs, and dolphins.

An even more certain spot to meet dolphins is at Monkey Mia Conservation Park. Only 20 minutes from Denham, the Monkey Mia dolphins are famous for their regular ritual of swimming to shore to meet curious humans. You can learn allabout them at the Dolphin Information Centre, and even offer them some tasty fish through the Monkey Mia dolphin experience!

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Monkey Mia and Francois Peron National Park:

  • Whalebone Road Beach
  • Big Lagoon
  • Bottle Bay
  • Gregories
  • RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
  • Shark Bay Caravan Park

Leg 6 Monkey Mia to Coral Bay ± 588km | 6 hours

Five Fingers Reef Coral Bay @CJMaddock

From Denham, it’s just over three hour’s drive to Carnarvon, sometimes referred to as the ‘food bowl’ of Western Australia.This coastal town produces 80% of WA’s fruit and vegetables, so it’s a good place to stock up on fresh supplies!

Coral Bay is another 2.5 hours up the highway. Here is ‘where the reef touches the beach;’ a nature-lovers paradise that ispopular with wildlife enthusiasts and family holidaymakers alike. Beautiful coral gardens are only metres away from the flour-white beach. View the marine life by booking a manta ray, whale shark or humpback whale tour or see the coral gardens without getting wet, onboard a glass bottom boat. Enjoy a relaxing stay before gearing up for more big adventures.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Coral Bay:

  • Coral Bay Tourist Park
  • Warroora Station
  • Elles Beach
  • Camp 14 Mile Beach
  • Peoples Park
  • Ningaloo Coral Bay – Bayview

Leg 7 Coral Bay to Exmouth ± 229km | 2.5 hours

Deluxe Whaleshark Swim Tour @Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo

The Ningaloo reef is a long coral reef swarms with turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, humpback whales and even whale sharks. No wonder that Ningaloo Reef is listed as a World Heritage Site!

We strongly suggest booking ahead to swim with Ningaloo Reef’s world-famous whale sharks and humpback whales. Beingin the water beside these gentle giants is an awe-inspiring, humbling experience that is sure to stick with you forever! Head over to to book your diving tour.

Continue this epic leg by visiting Cape Range National Park, which isn’t too far from Exmouth. Cape Range National Park supports a range of unique wildlife habitats from existing ocean reef to ancient reef, rugged limestone, gorges and cave systems. Throughout the park, there are ample opportunities to view wildlife. Standout beaches to visit include Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks and Sandy Bay.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Exmouth:

  • Yardie Creek Campground
  • Osprey Bay Campground
  • Kurrajong (Cape Range) campground
  • Yardie Homestead
  • Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort
  • RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

Leg 8 Exmouth to Karijini National Park ± 620km | 7.5 hours

Circular Pool, Karijini National Park @TourismWA

A solid day of driving from Exmouth will bring you to Karijini National Park, just past the small mining town of Tom Price.This inland park is an exciting change of scenery from the coast, filled with ancient rock gorges, layered waterfalls and calm,lush swimming holes. Being WA’s second-largest national park, there are a lot of great sights to choose from here:

Hamersley Gorge is a colourful, popular spot for swimming, Joffre Gorge has a spectacular curved seasonal waterfall, and Knox Gorge has a lovely panoramic lookout. Weano and Hancock Gorges have some of the arguably best photoopportunities in the park. Dales Gorge houses three major highlights of Karijini in one: Fortescue Falls, the park’s onlyspring-fed waterfall; Fern Pool, one of the prettiest swimming holes; and Circular Pool, which is lined with lush trees and ferns.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around KarijiniNational Park: 

  • Dales Campground
  • Karijini Eco Retreat

Leg 9 Karijini to Millstream National Park ± 229km | 3 hours

Millstream Chichester National Park @Melina Keil

Take a shortcut on your next leg by visiting the Tom Price visitor centre and grabbing a permit to travel on rail access roads. With this, you can reach Millstream Chichester National Park via the Rio Tinto Access Road—follow it until you turn onto Roebourne Wittenoom Road, then left at Millstream Road. The way is mostly unsealed gravel.

If you want to get your heart rate up quickly, Mount Herbert Summit Trail is a steep 45-minute return climb with excellent views at the top of the Chichester Range and Pyramid Hill. The Camel Trail connects Mount Herbert with Python Pool, a lovely deep swimming hole at the base of a seasonal waterfall.

Deep Reach Pool, at the southwestern side of the park, is a large, permanent swimming and canoeing oasis maintained by the aquifer beneath the park. The native Yinjibarndi people believe it’s home to the great Warlu serpent, who emerged from the sea and travelled across the Pilbara region, forming the Millstream Chichester pools.

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around MillstreamChichester National Park:

  • Millstream Homestead
  • Miliyanha Campground
  • Stargazers Campground
  • George River

Leg 10 Millstream to Eighty Mile Beach ± 530km | 6 hours

Eighty Mile Beach Caravan PArk @TourismWA

Port Hedland is a coastal mining town about 3.5 hours onward from Millstream National Park. It’s the second-largest town in the Pilbara region, and a good spot to stop for rest and supplies.

Another couple of hours brings you to Cape Keraudren, which is a great camping option if you want to break up the drive a bit. A sign here marks the northernmost point of the old Rabbit-Proof Fence, which was the longest fence in the world at 1837km. It was built on a cement foundation that can still be seen going right into the ocean today.

Eighty Mile Beach is 1.5 hours up the highway—220km of uninterrupted white sands and sparkling turquoise water. It wouldtake more than a week to walk all the way along it, so perhaps just pick a nice spot and settle in to watch a magnificent sunset on the beach!

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Eighty Mile Beach:

  • Cape Keraudren
  • Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park

Leg 11 Eighty Mile Beach to Broome ± 376km | 4 hours

Cable Beach Camel Ride @LetsEscapeTogether

It’s four hours of highway cruising to reach your final city destination: Broome. There are so many things to do in this beautiful beach resort town, so take your pick:

  • Ride a camel on Cable beach, then visit nearby Zanders or Sunset Bar and Grill for a delicious meal
  • Visit Gantheaume Point to see 125-million-year-old dinosaur footprints in the reef rock
  • If you’re there during a full moon, visit the Staircase Markets and witness an amazing natural phenomenon, asthe rising moon over the tidal flats creates what looks like a staircase to the moon
  • Watch a movie at the world’s oldest outdoor cinema—Sun Pictures
  • Go to the Broome Courthouse Markets on the weekend
  • Have a pint of ginger beer at Matso’s Broome Brewery
  • Swim in the calm waters of Roebuck Bay

Campsites for your Off-Road Safari Camper around Broome:

  • RAC Cable Beach Holiday
  • Discovery Parks Broome
  • Broome Vacation Village
  • Broome Caravan Park
  • Cable Beach Caravan Park

Leg 12 Broome Dampier Peninsula ± 532km | 7 hours (return trip to Broome)

Cape Leveque Sunset @Dyaln Bergamaschi

The Dampier Peninsula north of Broome provides stunning contrasts of red ochre cliffs, white sands, and aquamarine waters. Stop at Willie Creek Pearl Farm for an award-winning tour of the oyster nursery, which includes some tastyhomemade damper. 40 minutes from here is James Price Point, an ecologically important headland, where the largestpopulation of Humpback Whales in the world migrates to birth and raise calves just off the coast.

Learn more about the culture of the local Nyul Nyul people in the Aboriginal community of Beagle Bay. Here you can visit the Sacred Heart Church, with its famous mother-of-pearl altar, built entirely by the hands of locals and 1800s Catholic missionaries.

Another Pearl Farm lies at Cygnet Bay; this one incorporates a luxurious wilderness resort with glamping safari tents and aninfinity pool. Here you can take tours featuring live demonstrations of pearl harvesting or learn about Riji – the centuries-old art of shell carving, sacred to the Bardi Jawi people.

At the northern tip of the peninsula is Cape Leveque—another remote, pristine hideaway full of natural beauty. Snorkel,swim, walk, and fish to your heart’s content amongst the crimson cliffs and golden beaches, before heading back to Broome.

We hope you have a fantastic trip exploring all the spectacular attractions along the Coral Coast.

Feel free to use this itinerary as inspiration If you wish to travel in reverse. If you are interested in exploring more of what Western Australia has to offer, have a look at our other itineraries at:

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Written by Kerri Duncan

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