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Karijini National Park

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  • May 4, 2018

Visit Karijini National Park and its beautiful gorges

Karijini National Park is Western Australia’s second largest national park and one of the most popular national park to visit in the Pilbara. There are several walk trails, lookouts and gorges to explore.

Karijini national park map

Courtesy of Tom price Visitor Centre

Weano Gorge

It is probably the best gorge to start with when entering Karijini National Park. It is a relatively easy walk which leads you to the Handrail Pool where you can swim. You can continue beyond the pool, but be careful the walk will get harder!

Couple at Handrail Pool in Weano Gorge in Karijini National Park

Kalamina Gorge

It is the easiest gorge to access and the shallowest of the gorges who can visit at Karjini National Park. It’s a 5 minute walk which will take you down to a steep track to a small permanent pool with waterfalls.

Couple at Kalamina Gorge, located in Karijini National Park

Dales Gorge, Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool

Dales Gorge features three main attractions being Fortescue Falls, Circular Pool and Fern Pool. All in all, it’s a fantastic place for swimming. You can walk a 3-hour return trail from Dales Gorge to Fern Pool and back. This walk trail caters for different fitness levels.

Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

Joffre Gorge

At Joffre Gorge, you see water cascading down the cliff face before making its way to a dark pool. There is a lookout near the car park and a walk trail which will bring you to the bottom of the gorge.

Joffre Gorge, Karijini National Park

Knox Gorge

Knox Gorge is a deep chasm near the Knox Gorge lookout. It is best appreciated early morning or late afternoon when the sun rays enhance this beautiful landscape. There is a walk trail which can take you to pools where you can swim.

Hancock Gorge and Kermits Pool

Hancock Gorge is best appreciated with a local guide. After climbing down a ladder, you walk deep into the gorge, through narrow chambers and past beautiful rock pools. This trail, although short, is the most exciting trail in the park, leading you through a narrow canyon to a natural amphitheater and onward through the infamous Spider Walk to the green waters of Kermits Pool.

Hancock Gorge, in the Karijini National Park

Mt Bruce

It is Western Australia’s second highest mountain which gives you sweeping views across the surrounding Hamersley Range and Marandoo mining operations. Marandoo is an iron ore mine run by Rio Tinto. It opened in October 1994. The Hamersley Range is one of the world’s major iron ore sources and contains about 80 per cent of Australia’s identified iron ore reserves. The walk to the summit is a 4 hour return walk (9 kilometres).

Hamersley Gorge and Spa Pool

The further gorges from the other ones in Karijini National Park. It features a series of gorges and the famous Spa Spool.

Couple relaxing in a rock pool in Hamersley Gorge, located in the Karijini National Park

How to access the hidden gems of Karijini?

Karijini can be best explored when accompanied by a guide who is licensed to access the restricted areas of Karijini National Park.

Our Managing Director was lucky enough to do this tour with his family on a recent trip to Karijini. Andrew reported that “the informative and professional guides of West Oz Active Adventure Tours made experiencing the gorges of Karijini a highlight of our trip”.  You can access their website here.

Where to stay?

Karijini Eco Retreat or Dales Campground.

Where to get maps?

Maps are available at the Tom Price Visitor Centre.

Source: Tom Price Visitor Centre and Australia’s North West

Photo courstesy: Tourism Western Australia


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