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Perth to Perth via Kalgoorlie

Unearth the riches of the Goldfield’s 120-year gold rush history – from the mind blowing buzz of one of the largest open-cut gold mines on Earth, to eerie ghost towns and the striking Antony Gormley statues on Lake Ballard. We recommended taking this trip between July to October. In summer, temperatures can reach as high as 36℃ (96℉) in the middle of the day. The weather at night in the winter can get down to temperatures as low as 6℃ (43℉).

Leg 1 - Perth to Coolgardie

Goldfields Highway Tourism WA

Follow the path of the original pipeline that brought water to the Goldfields at the turn of the century. It stretches along 600km from the Darling Scarp, through the Avon Valley and to the red dirt of the Goldfields.

You can drive in one day but we suggest you break the trip into two days. Not only it’s safer for you, but we are also don’t want you to miss out on all the cute little towns along the way.

Visit Coolgardie, the birthplace of the 1892 gold rush, with a rich pioneering heritage proudly presented in its architecture and museums.

Where to stay with your Off-road Safari Camper Trailer: Goongarrie Homestead, Yeo Lake, Lake Mason Homestead, Credo Homestead, Jaurdi Station or Great Western Woodlands (Wallaroo Rock, Cave Hill, Burra Rock)

Where to stay with your On-road Suite Caravan: Kalgoorlie Caravan Park, Discovery Parks – Boulder or Kalgoorlie, Acclaim Goldminer Caravan Park or Acclaim Big4 Prospector Holiday Park

Explore Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie Super Pit Lookout Australias Golden Outback

Pull on a hardhat for a guided tour of the Super Pit – this 6km hole in the ground is one of the largest open cut mines on Earth.

Discover and admire the grandeur of Kalgoorlie’s gold rush history and architecture. Get a taste of life today in the lively pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants of Australia’s largest outback town.

Play a hole on the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links.

Leg 2 - Kalgoorlie to Menzies and Lake Ballard 207 kms | 2 hours

Lake Ballard Tourism WA

Pass the ghost town of Broad Arrow, Ora Banda, Siberia and Goondarri to reach the historic gold mining town of Menzies.

View one of the largest and most remarkable outdoor galleries on Earth at Lake Ballard, where 51 Antony Gormley sculptures stand against the stark white salt bed.

Leg 3 - Menzies to Kookynie, Leonora and Gwalia 286 kms | 4 hours

Gwalia State Hotel ABC

Explore the ruins of Kookynie’s industrious past.

Explore the historic gold rush precinct of Gwalia, including the museum and historic Hoover House – once home to the former American President Herbert Hoover.

Leg 4 - Leonora to Kalgoorlie Boulder 235 kms | 2.5 hours

Laverton Australias Golden Outback

Take the western trail through stunning outback landscapes and if you come on the spring, make sure to enjoy seasonal wildflowers along the way.

Don’t forget to treat yourself for a cold drink on one of the many pubs in Kalgoorlie.

Leg 5 - Kalgoorlie to Perth 593 kms | 6 hours

Great Southern Rail Indian Pacific Train Tourism WA

Follow the golden pipeline from Kalgoorlie back to its source in the Perth Hills.

Before you embark the journey, take a look at  Travel times and distances and Road safety to ensure you enjoy a safe and well-planned journey.

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