Perth-Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

Perth to Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

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Itinerary Summary

Best Time : All year round

Road : On-road & Off-road

Vehicle : 4WD + Safari Camper trailer

Depot : Perth (all year)

No Accom, No Worries! Take our 4WD + Off-road Safari Camper trailer to explore our new itinerary this summer.

Perth - Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

We’re ready to hit the wide open road this summer – feel the wind in our hair, the sun on our back and see some sights along the way. There’s never been a better time to explore WA, although it can get a little tricky when accommodation starts to book up!

No worries! We’ve got you covered. We can set you up with a fully-equipped 4WD and camper trailer that’s ready and raring to go with all the camping gear you’ll need. Before you set off on your trip we’ll run you through the simple set up process, and without you notice, you’re on the wide open road! The best part about booking a 4WD and camper trailer combo is you’re able to park up the camper trailer, and explore some of the less accessible areas around our state in 4WD mode.

On this itinerary, we will take you to the new WA’s trails – The Horsepower Highway. On this trail you’ll see and learn about WA’s agricultural past before heading south to another beautiful destinations like Stirling Range National Park or Esperance – check out the itinerary below:

Leg 1 : Perth - Katanning

± 280 Kms

Get some miles in from the get-go with your first leg from Perth to Katanning – if you start nice and early, you can make it in time for an A-grade brunch and gorgeous wool products at the Williams Woolshed. From there take in the historic town’s technicolour street art, part of the Public Silo Trail. You won’t be able to miss two other grand buildings in town: the Kobeeyla House and the Premier Mill Hotel. The imposing 17-bedroom Kobeeyla was built in 1902, and was the first home in WA to be connected to electricity. The Premier Mill Hotel has become one of WA’s foremost boutique hotels – you can treat yourself to a luxe stay for your first night on the road, or just stop by the cellar for a drink at the Cordial Bar.

Leg 2: Katanning - The Horsepower Highway

± 26 Kms

Just outside of Katanning you’ll see the start of a really unique part of WA that’s not as talked about as some of the more mainstream journeys – The Horsepower Highway. Set along the shadows of the Stirling Ranges, The Horsepower Highway is a trail that follows Broomehill-Gnowangerup Rd, itself littered with vintage tractors each telling stories of the region’s agricultural history. Some are on display in their original state, while others have been restored in a way that honours the local community from which they come. It’s a really fun, educational way to continue your journey south, with a handy interactive map available for you to track your trip. You can also get more info via the The Horsepower Highway Facebook Page.

The Horsepower Highway

Leg 3: The Horsepower Highway - Stirling Range National Park

± 97 Kms

As you follow the tractors, you’ll find yourself at the Stirling Range National Park: home of stunning landscapes and the highest point in the South West, Bluff Knoll. Camp up at one of the private campgrounds to the north of the park, or at Moingup Springs within the park and explore the surrounding areas with your 4WD. If you’re really feeling the need for adventure, you can summit the Bluff – just make sure you’re prepared.

Campgrounds: Mt. Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Parks or Moingup Springs campground

Leg 4: Stirling Range National Park - Fitzgerald River National Park

± 165 Kms

As if Stirling Range National Park wasn’t impressive enough, you’ll continue on through the picturesque roads to UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve Fitzgerald River National Park. Reaching all the way to the coast, it’s host to a huge, impressive variety of landscapes and flora. You can explore much of the park on four wheels, with plenty of 4WD-only tracks that you’ll be able to access during dry weather.

Campgrounds: Hamersley Inlet Campground or St. Mary Inlet campground

Fitzgerald National Park

Leg 5: Fitzgerald River National Park - Ravensthorpe

± 205 Kms

Squeeze in a visit to the blow holes at Hopetoun and try and spot a few whales before it’s onwards to Ravensthorpe. A must visit? Check out the mammoth, 25 metre tall silos that feature a set of banksia murals by Freo-based artist Amok Island.

Campgrounds: Four Mile Campground or Hopetoun Beachside Caravan Park

Leg 6: Ravensthorpe - Esperance

± 207 Kms

Perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful roads, you absolutely have to jump onto the 40km Great Ocean Drive: an epic, breathtaking loop that stops by countless stunning beaches. Drive right onto the beach at Cape Le Grand National Park, climb to the top of Frenchman’s Peak, and hop your way right on over to the resident kangaroos in Lucky Bay – truly an iconic Australian moment. Further east, you’ll find Wharton Beach: one of WA’s most pristine, breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

Campgrounds: Lucky Bay Campground or RAC Esperance Holiday Park

Esperance - Lucky Bay

Leg 7: Esperance - Hyden

± 382 Kms

Head back inland towards Hyden, where you’ll be witness to the magic of Wave Rock, and Mulka’s Cave – two truly unique geological formations. Plus, the area is also where you’ll find Lake Magic: a super salty lake with some pretty snazzy views.

Campgrounds: Wave Rock Caravan Park or Tressie’s Museum Caravan Park

Leg 8: Hyden - Perth

± 321 Kms

A must-visit on the home stretch is Kokerbin Rock, a 122 metre high monolith and the third largest in Australia, with some amazing views at the top. And finally it’s a quick layover in York – one of our favourite day trips from the city, it’s filled with stunning heritage-listed buildings and there are countless walking trails for every ability that surround the town, including along the glorious Avon River.

That’s how you enjoy a short break down south! If you interested in shorter itinerary to explore the South West Edge, check out our Perth to Albany via The Horsepower Highway itinerary on this link.

Perth to Exmouth Loop via Kalbarri

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Do you want to go gorge hiking, drift snorkelling, off-roading and turtle-watching all in the same day? There’s not many places where you can, but you can definitely do it in an Exmouth Loop via Kalbarri.

Look forward to fresh, positive vibes alongside nature because as you drive along the coast, you hear the sound of thundering waves crashing against the rocks, the smell of seawater lingering in the air, seagulls squawking when food is spotted and loud, freeing music blaring on the speakers.

Where are you going?

To see the real world! As you go on a road trip, you feel the wonderful experience of going off the beaten path and actually see communities and natural wonders, far from being on a train track or looking at views from 35,000 feet up in the air. Breathing in nature is a great way to relax and find yourself, with peace and serenity dwelling inside you.

The farmers’ markets, local events, and national parks are yours to explore!

Off you go!  

Before you start your road trip, make sure you have your snacks ready, a couple of bathers with you, some waterproof sunscreen, and awesome tunes because this road trip is packed with a lot of seawater, a good dose of Vitamin Sea and plenty of opportunities to practice that high note!

Leg 1: Perth to Geraldton (~415 km)

Arrive at Crikey Camper Hire and get a thorough run-through of your luxury caravans or camper trailers you book with us. Make sure you speak your mind and don’t be afraid to ask the team if you have any questions!

Start your drive towards Geraldton and head over to Big 4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park, just right on the waterfront! If time permits, explore the town and check out their various museums, lighthouses and the town beach. As the sun lowers into the horizon, bask in the sunset as it is a pretty magical place to watch the sun go down. The place isn’t called ‘Big 4 Sunset’ for no reason! After your first magical sunset, out of many on this exciting trip, get tucked in pretty early because if the sunset is good, then you wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise.

Leg 2: Geraldton to Shark Bay (~337 km)

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, the drive towards the ocean! Head west towards Shark Bay, one of the world’s most significant and secure stronghold, famous for the protection of around 11,000 Dugongs and the increasing numbers of Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales using Shark Bay as a migratory staging port. You must’ve heard of its famous population of Bottlenose Dolphins living in the bay as well!

Take your bathers and waterproof sunscreen because your first stop is Shell Beach, a beautiful, breathtaking snow-white beach made up of billions and billions of tiny little shells, up to 10 metres deep and stretching as far as the eye can see for over 70 kilometres. No sand, just shells! Floating has never been easier because the water is hypersaline which translates to being extremely salty. Swim to your heart’s content because your next adventure is checking out the town.

Head over to Denham Seaside Caravan Park and enjoy its absolute water frontage and panoramic ocean views that boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Enjoy a cold beer or take a nice, calm stroll along the beach as you watch the sun go down. That’s the second sunset done!

Leg 3: Shark Bay

Bring plenty of water because you are going, EVERYWHERE! First up is once again, Shell Beach. If you haven’t had your fill of tiny, baby shells, visit Shell Beach once again, don’t worry we won’t judge! We love playing with billions of shells and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make sure to leave enough time to explore the rest because your next stop is Monkey Mia, famous for a wild dolphin experience, surrounded by rusty red sand suns, pristine white sandy beaches, and water wildlife! Take a little break from all the water because exploring the area’s natural and cultural history along the Wulyibidi Yaninyina trail is just as good. Go inwards and walk over dunes and along the beach on a 1.5 kilometres loop walk and spot the amazing varieties of birds that are most active just after sunrise, or just before sunset.

To confuse you even more with, ‘Where should I watch the sunset?’, head over to Eagle Bluff just south of Denham, featuring spectacular high cliffs that overlook the Denham Sound. This is a 400 metre boardwalk, high above shallow coastal waters where you can enjoy amazing views and spot wildlife such as ospreys, dugongs, dolphins, sharks and rays.

Get excited about some lovely, calm water because Little Lagoon is the next on your list! The magnificent stretch of calm water is perfect for swimming, fishing, and frolicking in these clear shallow waters. If you want to see more of this clear, natural pool, this time head over to Big Lagoon, with its breathtaking turquoise lagoon, it is an excellent spot to explore by canoe or sea kayak.


After a calming, peaceful day, your adrenaline will spin through you as you check out Steep Point, the most westerly point of the Australian mainland! Just as the feeling of the beaches are a stark contrast to the adrenaline at Steep Point, so is the red dunes and white beaches to the dominating limestone and the impressive 200 metre Zuytdorp Cliffs that stretch from Kalbarri in an unbroken wall of over 180 kilometres until the secluded False Entrance beach.

Leg 4: Shark Bay to Coral Bay (~486 km)

Get up early and watch the sunrise at Shark Bay, as the orange and pink clouds hover above your head as the sun starts to rise. Head over to Coral Bay for an unforgettable experience with the water wildlife.

Your first stop is Bill’s Bay, a wonderful relaxing seaside holiday ambience with its pristine white beaches and protected waters, just located in the tiny town of Coral Bay, providing easy access to the world-famous Ningaloo Reef. Snorkel and revel in the rich marine life just off the shore. You can either dive or snorkel off the beach or visit the deeper parts of the water to watch the dugongs, manta rays, and the captivating whale sharks. You can also take a boat tour if you visit between June and October to personally witness the amazing sight of migrating humpback whales.

When you’re done for the day, head over to Ningaloo Coral Bay – Bayview with the Australian outback and the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef on their doorstep. There you will find snorkelling gears available to buy or hire and you can take a boat tour booking in their Boat office.

Leg 5: Coral Bay to Exmouth (~152 km)

Before leaving Coral Bay, head over to Bill’s Bay once again and go for a sweet sunrise walk. If you fancy, spend all morning snorkelling from the start of Bill’s Bay and let the current surprise you and take you to unexpected parts of the bay. Who knows, you might find something cool!

Once you’ve snorkelled, make the small trek to Exmouth and arrive at Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort, which is not just your typical resort. Located in Exmouth town, its simple sophistication and laid-back holiday vibes allow you to relax around the pool, enjoy some onsite dining experience, or stroll around the town and grab some pizza and beer. Rest early because the next day you will be exploring Exmouth throughout the day and you’re going to need as much energy as you can!

Leg 6: Exmouth

Start your day with a morning snorkel around the reef at Oyster Stacks, which has five isolated islets that protrude from the reef and are literally covered with oysters! Snorkel from shore and explore the shallow, colourful coral gardens, and bask in the abundance of fish and diverse invertebrates. Keep an eye out because you might spot some turtles and sharks cruising by!

If you want to see more of that, head over to Turquoise Bay for some rich diversity of coral, fish, and other marines, a perfect spot to spend the morning relaxing, swimming, and snorkelling. The white sandy shores give way to clear waters, which harbours an abundance of beautiful marine life.

This is where you get to swim with the whale sharks! Head over to Whale Shark Boat charter and go on a tour for one of the very best and unforgettable experiences in a lifetime. This breathtaking experience comes with finding you a whale shark to swim with and not only that, but you also get to experience what makes Ningaloo so special, including manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, a spectacular display of colourful corals and all shapes and sizes of amazing fish life!

Check out Mildura Wreck and have an interesting read of what happened. Without this wreck, your next destination, Vlamingh Head Lighthouse would not exist! The wreck is very close to shore, ranging around 80 m to the sea, this is a short and interesting visit to one of the rare historical events in the development of the remote region. The wreck is best seen on air in one of the scenic flights offered in town.

Head over to Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and bask in the breathtaking views of the Northwest Cape as you drive up to the lighthouse. Watch the sun go down on the top of the hill and look towards the horizon for spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Ningaloo Reef.

At the end of the day, have a relaxing night and treat yourself around town to celebrate the unforgettable, exciting experience you just had!

Leg 7: Exmouth

Start the day early and go for a hike in Cape Range National Park through the rocky gorges, with the rugged limestone range and arid coastal plain of Cape Range adjoining the pristine waters of Ningaloo Marine Park. The place boasts spectacular contrasting scenery, so don’t forget to bring your bathers and snorkelling gears! Cape Range is rich and diverse in an array of Australian wildlife, and that include kangaroos, emus, echidnas, birds, and black-flanked rock wallabies.

After hiking, there are activities for all abilities from universal access walk trails to wildlife viewing, beachcombing, swimming, snorkelling, beach fishing and more!

Now, head over to Charles Knife Canyon and go up the winding road to the top of the range, offering spectacular views of the rugged terrain overlooking Cape Range and the water of Exmouth Gulf. You can go on the walking trail, Badjirrajirra Walk, from the Thomas Carter Lookout which will is a 6 km return walk and will take approximately 3 hours. It is a moderately difficult loop, traversing to the top of Cape Range and along the way, the trail winds its way through rocky gullies, some small gorges, and open spinifex bushland.


Head back to town and savour your last few moments in Exmouth this vacation because tomorrow you will be heading to Carnarvon!

Leg 8: Exmouth to Carnarvon (~365 km)

Head over to Gascoyne Growers’ Markets or known as the “salad bowl of WA”, as the town centre of Carnarvon comes alive with a diverse range of fruit and vegetables, lush tropical fruits, eggs and seafood! This only occurs every Saturday morning from May to October so when you have the opportunity to come to this exhilarating experience, take advantage of it as it’s sure to be one of the luckiest coincidences!

Head over to Carnarvon’s newest and highly-rated tourist attraction, the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum which celebrates the little-known history of Carnarvon’s role in the manned space program and the Australian communications industry. The museum is great fun for the whole family, showcasing interactive displays to educate and entertain all ages.

At the end of the day head over to Coral Coast Tourist Park, the most convenient location for holiday accommodation when visiting Carnarvon, conveniently located within easy reach of the Townsville city centre. Tuck in snuggly because the next day towards Kalbarri is going to be a fun, adventurous day!

Leg 9: Carnarvon to Kalbarri (~442 km)

Head over to Red Bluff, with the dramatic coastal cliffs offering amazing, spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. This spot is most ideal to see humpback whales on their annual migration along the Kalbarri coastline. Not only that but you’ll be also amazed by the landscape this place offers, with delicate threads of red rock that looks like tears frozen in time, it is believed to be 400 million years old!

Now head over to Jacques/Jakes Point, a popular surfing beach in Kalbarri, giving you a perfect left-hand surf break along with the point. With easy access to the water from the coastal cliff rock platforms, the spectators are given a great vantage point from the water’s edge and white sandy beach. Explore the beach coastline and keep an eye out for the bottlenose dolphins that are frequently seen playing in the water off the shore.

Head over to Kalbarri Anchorage Caravan Park, nestled on the banks of the Murchison River at the centre of town, and watch the sunset over the river. Take an early night in because the next day, you are heading out to explore what Kalbarri has to offer!

Leg 10: Kalbarri

Wake up before sunrise and head over to Natures Window to watch the sunrise, an unmissable sunrise beamed through the canyon and the red dirt surroundings lit up in an array of beautiful reds, and oranges and browns! This iconic attraction of wind-eroded opening, layered in sandstone that frames a view of the river. This is a moderate, 1 km return walk that begins with a flight of stairs from the lookout carpark.

More lookouts ahead as you head over to Kalbarri Skywalk! Perched right on the cliff-top, there are two 100-m-high lookouts projecting 25 and 17 metres beyond the rim of the Murchison Gorge. Visitors can venture out on to the skywalks and bask in the incredible views of a spectacular gorge and surrounding environment.

Head over to the Z Bend Lookout and admire the spectacular display of the tight bends on Murchison River which is carved into the Tumblagooda Sandstone gorge. For a more adventurous hike, you can do the Z Bend River Trail, and take an hour-long hike to embark on the trek down into the gorge, winding through the boulders and the river red gums to reach the Murchison River. This first-hand experience allows you to climb over boulders, through passages, and down ladders, and make sure to keep an eye out for the various species of wildflowers of orchids and flowering natives. If the season is perfect, allow yourself to have a swim and cool off in the waters of the Murchison River, or walk along the rock edge and enjoy the calm, peaceful surroundings.

For a more relaxing rest after your hike, head over to Blue Holes, renowned for their exceptional snorkelling with its protected waters and rock pools make the place a natural aquarium for marine life and a safe environment to splash around! The beach is fairly isolated with a nice sandy area, and there is a huge number of fish species in a concentrated area.

As dusk comes near, bask in the sun, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of hearing the small splash of the ocean waves. Reflect on your trip and think of all the great memories you just had because before you know it, you are once again planning for your next memorable adventure!

Leg 11: Kalbarri to Perth (~570 km)

Pack your bags because now it’s time to go back. But before you do that, as a one last hurray, head over to Hutt Lagoon, and bask in all the bright pinks and browns. Such a dreamlike lake draws visitors, near and far, and astounds onlookers with their vivid pink waters.

Hit the highway towards the south and feel the buzzing excitement and inspiration from this trip! We hope you keep these adventures close to your hearts and look forward to more adventures to come. Cheers!

Crikey Wildflower Trip

3 Days of Wildflower Road Trip

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In case you weren't aware, each spring Western Australia bursts into bloom with more than 12,000 species of wildflowers. In fact, 60% of them are not found anywhere else in the world.

Time of the year : August – October

Road : On-road



Where are you going?


On this itinerary, we will take you to the WA’s Wildflower Trail where you can take a short break to explore the Everlasting carpets to through to the unique wreath flower. In three days you will explore a few towns in the Wildflower country.

Day 1

Leg 1 : Perth – New Norcia | 126KM

Start this journey by taking a city tour of the beautiful buildings where you can meet a Monk at Parlor Abbey for a taste of monastic hospitality. Visit the  New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery which provides an interesting insight into the monastery’s history and exhibits a selection of Aboriginal artefacts. Before heading to your next destination, enjoy lunch at Salvado Cafe located at New Norcia Roadhouse.

Leg 2: New Norcia – Dalwallinu | 120KM

This is where your wildflower path begins. Be sure to visit the Dalwallinu Discovery Center where you can get information on local wildflower hotspots. Dalwallinu is part of Western Australia’s world-famous tourist route as it is the largest density of the Wattle (Acacia) species found anywhere in the world.

Leg 3: Dalwallinu – Morawa | 149KM

Continue north along the Wildflower Way. Visit locations such as Wubin, Buntine Rock, Latham, and Perenjori to explore the many reserves and native bushland areas. Treat yourself to a WA wildflower centre of WA with carpets of Everlastings and unique Wreath Flower. Then finish your day in beautiful Morawa town.

Accommodation options: Morawa Caravan Parks

Wreath Flower

Day 2

Leg 4: Morawa – Coalseam Reservation Park | 85 KM

Today, your goal is to explore a spectacular colorful wildflower in Coalseam Reservation Park. It is a place which rich in history and geology, where you can see a wide range of diverse wildflower and wildlife. In Coalseam Conservation Park you can also explore the site of Western Australia’s first coal mine, view fossilised marine life in the riverbanks and take a walk to enjoy carpets of some of the most unique wildflowers in Australia.

Leg 5: Coalseam Reservation Park – Mingenew| 33.5 KM

After morning walks in Coalseam Reservation Park, it is time for you to visit Mingenew town and enjoy a friendly and authentic country destination. Whilst at Mingenew town, grab a lunch from Mingenew Bakery and head off to discover colourful assortment of wildflowers species at Depot Hill. Finish your day with sunset on Mingenew Hill and rest yourself in Mingenew Spring Caravan Park.

Accommodation: Mingenew Spring Caravan Park.

Wildflower Coalseam Park

Day 3

Leg 6: Mingenew – Perth| 362KM

This is your final day of Wildflowers road trip. Before you head off to Perth, take a stop and explore more towns in this wildflowers country such as Three Springs, Carnamah and Coorow. Enjoy the scenic drive of colourful wildflowers along the road.

Crikey Wildflower Trip

More information on the Wildflower Trail can be found at

Wildflower Drives in Western Australia

Colourful Drives in Western Australia

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Allow yourself to be swept away by this enchanting adventure. Take a trip to these five wildflower drives in Western Australia this spring.

Can you feel it?   

The soft, gentle caress of the wind to your face, sifting through your hair. The sun, warm on your body, bright as ever.

Spring is fast approaching, do you find yourself lacking ideas of what to do?

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, ‘There’s nothing much to do in Western Australia,’ well here at Crikey/Red Dirt, we beg to differ.

Have you ever thought about your perfect adventure?   

We’re talking about the adventure where you close your eyes, and you see it. You close your eyes, and you feel it happen. You close your eyes, and you are reminded of the feelings you had at the time. An adventure that lives in your heart and in your mind for a lifetime! A euphoric adventure.

Now we know it all sounds very far-fetched but it’s possible!

Allow us to help you – all you need to do is open your hearts and minds to the possibility and go with the flow!

Here is where your unforgettable adventure begins!  

Spring is a WILD, wildflower frenzy in Western Australia, with flowers blooming from left to right – from north to south, which is good news because there’s no need for you to travel all the way to Japan to see all the cherry blossom madness.

1. Wildflower Country Drive

Locations : Carnamah, Coorow, Mingenew, Morawa, Mullewa, Perenjori, Three Springs and Yalgoo.

Have you ever laid on a carpet of pink, gold, cream, and white Everlastings? Because almost everyone in Perth has! If you haven’t been, then you definitely need to start planning your road trip to explore the Wildflower Country this spring. Each town will provide you with so many different experience and truly remarkable beauty of blooming carpets of Everlastings. Allow yourself for three to four days trip to this colourful drives.

Check itinerary here.

2. Canola fields in York

Locations : York, Western Australia

Did you know? Rapeseed and canola are the same things! That canola cooking oil that you use is actually from the seed of canola, which are only grown for their seeds, but they are such an incredible sight to see. Wide rolling paddocks of endless gold whilst driving down the road. Truly a magical sight! Visit the canola fields in York and go to PetTeet Park, the only place where you can legally take hundreds of photos and you don’t have to worry about damaging plants or pesticides!

3. Lesueur Colourful Drives

Locations : Lesueur National Park, Western Australia

Be part of something unique and special and join in on the wildflower drive towards Lesueur National Park because almost 80% of the plant species in Western Australia are found nowhere else on Earth! Have you ever visited a national park that is home to one of the most diverse and rich floral areas in the world and is home to almost 900 species? If not, then you’ve definitely never been to Mount Lesueur National Park!

4. Esperance Wildflower Trail

Locations : Fitzgerald National Park, Western Australia

Head south to Fitzgerald River National Park, a home to roughly 20 per cent of WA’s plant species. At this National Park you’ll see 1800 plant species including weeping gum, bottlebrush, woolly banksia, royal hakea, qualap bell and sepulcralis. While you are in the region, don’t forget to continue your journey to visit Cape Le Grand National Park. A pristine coastlines and granite peaks plus another stand-out spot to enjoy your wildflowers trail.

5. Wave Rock Wildflower Drive

Locations : Hyden, Western Australia

Start your journey with just an hour out of Perth in York, you’ll find the spectacular gold carpet of canola fields and another wildflower trail. Make your way to Hyden, a home of the famous Wave Rock to complete a few wildflower walks in the area.  On this walks, you’ll find bushland full of bottlebrush, hakeas and numerous orchid species. On your way back, make a stop in Yeerakine Rock to look at the pink candy orchids and broom milkworts. Otherwise, you can combine this drive with the Esperance Wildflower Trail. 


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Now that you know that there is a diverse range of wildflowers, forests and native animals found in Western Australia that all contribute to making this region rare and unique, we hope when you hear someone say, ‘There’s nothing much to do in Western Australia,’ you can tell them all about the wildflowers blooming!

If you don’t believe this to be a truly remarkable, unforgettable experience, then there’s only one way to find out!

Featured Image by © Tourism Western Australia

Yanchep Lagoon, Western Australia Crikey Camper Hire

Perth – Exmouth Loop via Karijini

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Our Exmouth and Karijini loop is recommended to be a 14- day itinerary, however you can take as much time as you like exploring the West Australian coastline before turning inland for Karijini and Paynes Find.

This trip can be done in the reverse direction, however we find that doing the coast first is beneficial in case it becomes too windy. If it’s too windy, you can head inland to Karijini earlier than expected where it is more protected. If you do Karijini first you don’t have anywhere new to go to get away from the wind.

Leg 1 Perth to Cervantes

∼ 200 kms | 2 hours 30 minutes

Pinnacles Crikey Camper Hire

Pinnacles, Numbung National Park

On the way to Cervantes, stop at Yanchep National Park. This is a great place for the kids, offering a koala viewing area, caves and an Aboriginal experience.
Cervantes is well-known for its Pinnacles Desert. You can learn all about those strange structures at the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre.

Just a kilometre from the town centre lies Lake Thetis, where you can observe stromatolites, most commonly known as “living fossils”. Those have been dated to about 3370 years old!

Further north of Cervantes, you will find Sandy Cape, a nice little spot where you swim and watch the sunset.

▲ If you have a 4WD and Safari Camper package, you can choose to stay at Sandy Cape, otherwise stay at the RAC Cervantes caravan park if you have a 4WD and caravan package.

Leg 2 Cervantes to Kalbarri

∼ 378 kms | 4 hours

Kalbarri Skywalk Crikey Camper Hire

Kalbarri Skywalk, Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri is a popular stop over for people on their way to Shark Bay or Monkey Mia. There are many natural attractions to visit such as Natures Window and the Z-Bend Lookout located in Kalbarri National Park. The Kalbarri Skywalk  is a fantastic addition to the National Park showcasing stunning views of the Murchison River Gorge.

You can also go whale watching as the humpback whale migration happens between May and August.

▲ Stay at the Kalbarri caravan park.

Leg 3 Kalbarri to Monkey Mia

∼ 397 kms | 5 hours

Hamelin Pool Crikey Camper Hire

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, Shark Bay, Western Australia

If you want to break up the drive, Hamelin Pool has a museum and boardwalk over the stromatolites. Interesting history and the tea rooms do meals and a fantastic Devonshire Tea.

▲ Camping could be in either Denham Township or Monkey Mia.

Explore Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia Crikey Camper Hire

Monkey Mia, Western Australia

Monkey Mia is world-famous for its dolphins. A group of wild bottlenose dolphins come to the shore nearly everyday to be fed by humans. South of Monkey Mia, you will find Denham and Francois Peron National Park. This National Park offers diverse experiences, including four-wheel-driving.

Fifty minutes away from Monkey Mia, you will arrive at Shell Beach, where shells replace the beach sand and stretches over 100 kilometres!

Leg 4 Monkey Mia to Coral Bay

∼ 580 kms | 7 hours

Coral Bay Crikey Camper Hire

Coral Bay, Western Australia

In contrast to other locations, the coral reef starts right at the water’s edge. Coral Bay is a very popular holiday destination for Western Australians.

It is recommended to book well in advance when travelling during school holidays. This place is a marine paradise where visitors have plenty of activities to choose from: snorkeling, fishing, swimming with whale sharks.

You can even visit the reef shark nursery between October and March, which is only a 20 minutes walk from Main Beach.

▲ Stay at the Coral Bay Caravan Park with the option of powered and unpowered sites.

Leg 5 Coral Bay to Exmouth and Cape Range National Park

∼ 220 kms | 2 hours 30 minutes

Cape Range National Park Turquoise Bay Crikey Camper Hire

Cape Range National Park, Turquoise Bay, Western Australia

The Ningaloo reef is a long coral reef swarms with turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, humpback whales and even whale sharks. No wonder that Ningaloo Reef is listed as a World Heritage Site!

Whether you like snorkeling, diving or swimming, you will not be disappointed! Cape Range National Park supports a range of unique wildlife habitats from existing ocean reef to ancient reef, rugged limestone, gorges and cave systems.

Throughout the park, there are ample opportunities to view wildlife.

▲ You can camp within Cape Range National Park, or in one of the caravan parks in the area, such as Yardie Homestead Caravan Park.

Leg 6 Exmouth and Cape Range National Park to Karijini

∼ 674 kms | 8 hours 30 minutes

Karijini National Park Crikey Camper Hire

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

One of the big attraction of Karijini National Park is its accessibility. Simply walk 50 metres and peer straight into a deep gorge to see waterfalls and rock pools below.

There are many walk trails available to further explore the gorges. Karijini’s main highlights are Fortescue Falls, Circular Pool and Fern Pool.

▲ Stay at the Karijini Eco Retreat if you have a 4WD and Safari Camper package or stay at Dales Campsite if you have a 4WD and caravan package.

Leg 7 Karijini to Mount Magnet or Paynes Find

∼ 376 kms | 4 hours 30 minutes

Road through the Pilbara Crikey Camper Hire

Road through the Pilbara

A long drive.

Get an early start and see how far you get! At the very least you should get to Mount Magnet, but if you can get to Paynes Find or further it will make the last day a lot easier.

Leg 8 Drive back to Perth

∼ 5-6 hours

Road to Mount Magnet Crikey Camper Hire

Road to Mount Magnet, Western Australia

Total kilometres: 3,857
Total travel hours: 42.5
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h and should, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published book or GPS navigational system.
Images: Courtesy of Rebina Criddle
Swanbourne-The-Shorehouse Destination Perth Crikey Camper Hire

Coastal Sunset Drive

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The perfect start to our Perth to Broome journey as you travel along the coast experiencing the best beaches in Western Australia towards Cervantes. For the ultimate coastal roadtrip complete the trip in reverse and add to the South West Edge.

Leg 1 Cottesloe Beach to City Beach

∼ 7.5 kms | 9 minutes

Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia Tourism WA

Starting at Cottesloe Beach, grab a coffee at a seaside café before heading north along Marine Parade past early morning joggers and swimmers.

Travel along West Coast Highway to City Beach.

Leg 2 City Beach to Reabold Hill

∼ 400 m | 1 minute

Scarborough Beach, Mullaloo ShotbyLukeWilliams Crikey Camper Hire

Scarborough Beach, Mullaloo ShotbyLukeWilliams

Stop at Reabold Hill where you will get sweeping views of Perth city and the surrounding areas from the highest natural point along the coast. Continue north past famous Scarborough Beach – a great place to stop for morning tea by the beach.

Leg 3 Reabold Hill to Scarborough Beach

∼ 5.8 kms | 8 minute

Mettams Pool, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia Aisling Gale @ Sky Eyes Images Crikey Camper Hire

Mettams Pool, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia Aisling Gale @ Sky Eyes Images

Just past Scarborough, make sure you turn off West Coast Highway on to the West Coast Scenic Drive. This will take you past the protected bays and beaches of the Sunset Coast to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Along the way you’ll find some stunning photo opportunities, particularly at Mettams Pool and Sorrento Beach.

Leg 4 Scarborough Beach to Hillarys Boat Harbour

∼ 8.5 kms | 13 minute

Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys Beach Aquaflyte Images Crikey Camper Hire

Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys Beach Aquaflyte Images

Stop at Hillarys to visit AQWA to learn more about our underwater environment. Explore the network of boardwalks filled with shops and restaurants – this is a good spot to stop for lunch overlooking the harbour.

In Summer, Hillarys Boat Harbour has safe swimming for families and the Great Escape offers fun activities for kids including waterslides, rides and mini golf.

Leg 5 Hillarys boat Harbour to Mullaloo Beach

∼ 4.7 kms | 8 minute

Mindarie Beach, Western Australia Destination Perth Crikey Camper Hire

Mindarie Beach, Western Australia Destination Perth

Jump back in the car, and keep heading north following the tourist drive signs Mullaloo Beach towards Mindarie. The Marina, Mindarie is Australia’s largest man made marina and is a great place to end your journey. Stroll the Mediterranean-style boardwalks that lead you to cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a local brew at the microbrewery.

End your day with a picnic, or early dinner at the marina by the beach watching the sky transform with colour as the sun sinks slowly into the Indian Ocean.

Total kilometers: 46
Total travel minutes: 58
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Itinerary: Courtesy of Destination Perth
Australia's South West Yallingup (IG) craigjodrell

The South West Edge

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Discover a journey into the heartland of an undisturbed and uncrowded Australia, on a road trip that will change you forever!
The South West Edge is an epic road trip around the South Western edge of Western Australia, through wine regions, towering forests and along marine life-rich coast, before returning to Perth across the outback.

Leg 1 Fremantle to Bunbury

190 kms | 2 hours

National Hotel, Fremantle Crikey Camper Hire

The National Hotel, Fremantle. Tourism WA

Enjoy the gourmet café culture of Fremantle for breakfast and browse local boutiques for unique or vintage finds.

Then jump in your 4WD package and head to Bunbury via the rolling hills of the Ferguson Valley.

Spend the morning wine tasting, exploring or mountain biking in Wellington Forest National Park and stop by Black Diamond Lake near Collie for a view of turquoise waters.

Roll into Bunbury, where you can purchase fresh local produce from farmers markets, meet native animals at a wildlife park, shop the boutiques and spend the evening immersed in the nightlife at one of the many bars and restaurants.

Camp at nearby Honeymoon Pool or Potters Gorge campgrounds.

Leg 2 Bunbury to Yallingup

95 kms | 1 hour

Dolphins Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Dolphins Tourism WA

Interact with wild dolphins at Koombana Bay this morning before departing for the Margaret River region, beginning at Busselton and Dunsborough.

Swing amongst the trees on a high ropes course or dive below the Busselton Jetty for a view of colourful sealife. From winter through spring, spot whales as they migrate along the coast.

Indulge in gourmet food at beachfront dining before continuing to Yallingup, and incredible coastal spots like Canal Rocks and Injidup Natural Spa.

Feeling adventurous? Hike the Cape to Cape Track between the lighthouses, or connect with the world’s oldest living culture through an Aboriginal experience.

Take your 4WD and caravan package to Yallingup Beach Holiday Park.

Leg 3 Yallingup to Margaret River

40 kms | 30 minutes

Wills Domain, Margaret River Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Wills Domain, Margaret River Tourism WA

Famous for its premium wines and world-class surf, Margaret River is also home to plenty of restaurants, wineries, breweries and distilleries for foodies to enjoy.

Visit cellar doors and meet the makers on guided tours with nature-meets gourmet experiences.

Adventure seekers can ride the waves, go rock climbing or abseiling, or take a kayak or canoe along the Margaret River.

Savour the natural surroundings with plenty of underground caves and the stunning Boranup Forest and meet stingrays at Hamelin Bay.

Stay at Conto’s Campsite 

Leg 4 Margaret River to Pemberton

165 kms | 2 hours

Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, Western Australia Crikey Camper Hire

Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, Western Australia

Drive to Pemberton through Nannup and Manjimup; home to the Périgord truffle. Search for this black gold in winter, and feast on other local delights such as marron, trout and chestnuts on your way.

Need to stretch your legs? Ride one of the many mountain bike trails or tackle the Munda Biddi, hike the Bibbulmun Track and admire Beedelup Falls.

Test your fear of heights at the 58m-tall Gloucester Tree, once a fire-lookout, and climb the makeshift ladder to the top.

If you have a 4WD and Safari Camper Trailer head to Fonty’s pool and caravan park.

Leg 5 Pemberton to Denmark

195 kms | 2 hours

Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia FriendsofGreensPool Crikey Camper Hire

Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia FriendsofGreensPool

Take a four-wheel drive tour of the world’s largest moving sand dune system, Yeagarup Dunes, before you head to Denmark via Northcliffe and Walpole.

Enjoy views at Mount Chudalup, join a Walpole inlet eco-cruise and walk among the tops of tingle trees at Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

Then, it’s on to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks – framed by huge boulders which act as a protective shore break for the peppermint tinged waters, this sanctuary is perfect for snorkelling.

Set up camp at Parry Beach or head closer to Albany and stay at Torbay Inlet.

Leg 6 Denmark to Albany

55 kms | 40 minutes

The Gap, Torndirrup, Western Australia © Parks and Wildlife Service Crikey Camper Hire

The Gap, Torndirrup, Western Australia © Parks and Wildlife Service

Next stop: Albany, where you’ll find farmers markets, fresh oysters and marron galore, and some of the most pristine beaches this side of the equator.

Go paragliding at Shelley Beach, or wreck diving in King George Sound.

Visit the striking coast at The Gap and Natural Bridge and historical attractions at Discovery Bay.

Ready to take a safari, South West style? Spend an extra day between January and April to join the Bremer Bay orca tour, chasing the largest-known group of orcas in the Southern Hemisphere.

Leg 7 Albany to Hopetoun

360 kms | 4 hours

Granite Skywalk, Porongurup National Park Crikey Camper Hire

Granite Skywalk, Porongurup National Park

Start off early today and drive inland where it’s another world entirely.

Hike the trails in Porongurup National Park and climb to the top of the Granite Skywalk for spectacular views across the jarrah, marri and karri forest, and undulating farmland to Albany.

Reward yourself with lunch at one of the boutique Porongurup wineries.

Search for wildflowers in spring and climb one of Western Australia’s highest peaks, Bluff Knoll for sweeping views of the Stirling Range National Park.

Leg 8 Hopetoun to Esperance

185 kms | 2 hours

Twilight Beach, Esperance Rebina Criddle Crikey Camper Hire

Twilight Beach, Esperance Rebina Criddle

With unique wildflowers and fauna in Fitzgerald River National Park, not to mention the dramatic coastal views, you’ll want to visit here before Hopetoun.

Next, head to Esperance and sip on refreshments at Lucky Bay Brewing, sample local olive oil and take in the town museums and craft shops.

Keep the journey rolling by exploring the numerous lagoons and beaches along the breathtaking 40km loop of the Great Ocean Drive before watching a sunset at twilight.

There are a number of campsites available around the Esperance region, however camping within Cape Le Grand National Park at Lucky Bay is an unmissable experience.

Explore Esperance 

Lucky Bay, Esperance Rebina Criddle Crikey Camper Hire

Lucky Bay, Esperance Rebina Criddle

The nearby Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park lives up to its name in plenty of ways – translucent water and sand like icing sugar, not to mention sunbaking kangaroos!

Explore other stunning beaches around Esperance via coastal walk trails or for a bird’s eye view, take a scenic flight to witness the striking juxtaposition of bubblegum pink Lake Hillier on Middle Island against the blue ocean.

Leg 9 Esperance to Perth

715 kms via Hyden or 985 kms via Kalgoorlie 7 hours (depending on the route taken)

Lake Ballard Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Lake Ballard Tourism WA

Return to Perth via Hyden or Kalgoorlie over the next two days – the choice is yours!

If you travel through Hyden, be sure to visit the impressive Wave Rock on your way. Thought to have formed some 130 million years ago, Wave Rock is entirely natural and measures about 15 metre (roughly three storeys) in height.

If you travel back to Perth via Kalgoorlie, immerse yourself in living gold history, quirky outback pubs and be stunned by the scale of the Superpit gold mine.

Break up the journey back to Perth by staying a night or two near Hyden at the Wave Rock Caravan Park or Goongarrie Homestead or Lake Mason near Kalgoorlie.

Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Itinerary: courtesy of The South West Edge
Hellfire Bay, near Esperance Crikey Camper Hire

Australia’s South West Itinerary

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Road trip down south in Western Australia

Our recommendations for a 15-day journey to Western Australia’s south west. One of the most beautiful places in Australia with an abundance of magnificent landscapes to enjoy, no matter what time of the year, there is so much to see, do and experience… Your challenge will be to fit it all in your itinerary!

Leg 1 Perth to Wave Rock

∼ 341 kms | 4 hours

Wave Rock Osprey Creative Crikey Camper Hire

Wave Rock Osprey Creative

Depart Perth after picking up from Crikey Camper Hire and travel east to Wave Rock.

Enjoy a walk around this prehistoric rock that looks more like a crashing ocean wave.

Stay overnight at the Wave Rock Caravan Park.

Leg 2 Wave Rock to Esperance

∼ 382 km | 4 hours

Lucky Bay, Esperance Rebina Criddle Crikey Camper Hire

Lucky Bay, Esperance Rebina Criddle

Leave Wave Rock and drive towards Esperance, the gateway for the magical south coastal beaches.

Stay overnight at one of Esperance’s wonderful holiday parks where you can base yourself for the next 3 nights.

Explore Esperance 

Cape Le Grand National Park Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Cape Le Grand National Park Tourism WA

Characterised by stunning bays, rocky headlands, heath-covered sandplains and an impressive chain of peaks including Mount Le Grand and Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grand National Park is not to be missed.

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park is rated as one of the country’s best beaches for its pure white sand and clear turquoise water as well as famous kangaroos lazing in the sun.

Keep an eye out for migrating whales!

Leg 3 Esperance to Albany

∼ 481 km | 5 hours

Whale Watching Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Whale Watching Tourism WA

Depart Esperance and drive west along the south coast, explore Fitzgerald River National Park and arrive in Albany.

Stay at Middleton Beach Caravan Park. Which has fantastic proximity to the beach with whale watching from July to October each year!

Explore Albany 

The Natural Bridge Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

The Natural Bridge Tourism WA

Rugged coastline and history awaits you in Albany, the spot where the first European settlers set foot in Western Australia.

There is so much to see and do whether you would like to visit wineries, four-wheel driving, hiking, cycling a section of the Munda Biddi or learning about Albany’s past.

For the dramatic landscapes, head to Torndirrup National Park where fantastic new facilities showcase the Natural Bridge and The Gap.

The Southern Ocean crashes underfoot as you stand on the award-winning platform that extends about 4 metres over the granite rocks! Truly breathtaking experience!

Not afraid of heights? Then head to Porongrup National Park for a day, where you can climb the Granite Skywalk, which spirals around a huge granite outcrop named Castle Rock.

Sample some world-famous Great Southern wines, culinary delights and enjoy this beautiful park of Western Australia.

Leg 4 Albany to Walpole

∼ 119 km | 1 hour 30 minutes

Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park Tourism WA

Leave Albany and head towards Walpole.

Stop at Williams Bay National Park in Denmark on your way and explore Greens Pool, Elephant Cove and Elephant Rocks. The giant granite boulders are amazing!

Keep an eye on the water if you are in the area between June and October for passing Southern right whales.

If you are hungry there are a few places worth stopping at on the way to Walpole including Bartholomews Meadery, selling all sorts of honey products and the toffee factory, offering cider, toffees and home-made burgers!

Once in Walpole, set up camp in one of the tree-lined caravan parks and enjoy the tranquillity and sounds of the forest.

Explore Walpole

Valley of the giants tree top walk Crikey Camper Hire

Valley of the Giants – Tree Top Walk

Enjoy a day exploring the coastal town of Walpole, where the forest meets the coast. Sample the local cuisine as well as outstanding artwork and craftsmanship in the local galleries.

Walpole-Nornalup National Park provides a range of attractions such as the Tree Top Walk which enables you to walk among 400-years-old tingle trees. You can also traverse a hollowed tingle tree when walking the Ancient Empire Walk.

Don’t forget to stop at the visitor centre where you can learn more about the settlement of Walpole and get your Tree Top Walk tickets at the same time!

Leg 5 Walpole to Pemberton

∼  125km | 2 hours

Mandalay Beach Explore Parks WA Crikey Camper Hire

Mandalay Beach Explore Parks WA

Leave Walpole behind and head towards Pemberton. Don’t forget to stop at Mandalay Beach with amazing views of the ocean!

Explore Pemberton and Manjimup

Manjimup (IG) @k_ane_  Crikey Camper Hire

Manjimup (IG) @k_ane_

Enjoy the day among giant karri trees! Pemberton has so much to offer if you are a nature lover. From mountain biking in the park adjacent to the Pemberton caravan park to exploring the Cascades and Beedelup Falls, you will not be disappointed.

Pemberton and Manjimup also offer the opportunity to climb giant karri trees!

Leg 6 Pemberton to Margaret River

∼ 150 km | 2 hours

Vasse Felix Vineyard Crikey Camper Hire

Vasse Felix Vineyard

Leave the forests of Pemberton and head to the world famous Margaret River Wine region.

Stay at Taunton Farm Holiday Park. A Great location to set up for a few days to explore this fantastic region.

Explore Margaret River

Boranup Forest Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Boranup Forest Tourism WA

Swim at pristine beaches, surf, explore ancient caves, stroll through the Boranup karri forest, sample world-class wine and beers, savour delicious food and visit art galleries and quirky shops. Margaret River is a popular destination and we are sure you will have a great time there!

The Margaret Region stretches between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin and incorporates the town of Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Cowaramup, Margaret River and Augusta.
If you have more days to spend, we would highly recommend exploring as much as you can!

Visit the Busselton Jetty and the amazing Underwater Observatory, head west to Dunsborough and visit the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and Sugarloaf rock or Canal Rocks, and why not stop in Yallingup to explore Ngiligi Cave and much more?  Even Cowaramup will catch your attention with its fireglass cows in the streets!

At the southern end of the cape is Augusta with its historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and it’s also the best place for whale watching between June and August.

Leg 7 Margaret River to Perth

∼ 256 km | 3 hours

Perth Elizabeth Quay Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Perth Elizabeth Quay Tourism WA

Leave Margaret River and arrive back in Perth.

Total kilometres: 1,861
Total travel hours: 20
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h and should, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only along with a published book or GPS navigational system.
Perth Hills Jarrahdale Tourism Western Australia Crikey Camper Hire

Top 5 Locations Around Perth

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Our top 5 locations around Perth for day trips to begin or extend your West Australian journey.


Throughout Perth, you’ll find rooftop bars, fashionable fine dining restaurants and hidden laneways coloured with street art that lead to basement bars and hip cafes. The glistening Elizabeth Quay, 60,000 seat Optus Stadium, and public spaces like Yagan Square have transformed the city in recent times. Add the expansive Kings Park and a coast full of beaches it’s not surprising that Perth is seen as one of the world’s prettiest and most liveable cities.


∼ 47.8 kms | 40 minutes from Perth

Rockingham Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Rockingham Tourism WA

Heading 40 minutes south of Perth takes you to the pristine islands and reefs of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Discover an incredible array of marine encounters, from penguins and dolphins to dive wrecks and snorkel trails. With pods of dolphins regularly visiting these coastal waters, it’s a great opportunity to swim with wild dolphins. If you’d prefer to stay dry, you can watch these playful creatures from a boat tour as they ride the bow beneath your feet.

Mandurah and beyond

∼ 72.1 kms | 54 minutes from Perth

Mandurah Bridge and Estuary Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Mandurah Bridge and Estuary Tourism WA

For those who love being on, in or near the water, Mandurah is a dream destination just 55 minutes’ drive south of Perth. There you’ll find some of Australia’s most spectacular waterways, including the Peel-Harvey estuary, which is twice the size of Sydney Harbour and blessed with abundant wildlife, pristine beaches, beautiful blue-green waters and a buzzing foreshore area.

Drive 42kms inland from Mandurah and discover the Dwellingup State Forest, home to local wineries, cider farms and quaint campgrounds beside the Murray River.


∼ 19.2 kms | 31 minutes from Perth

Fremantle, Western Australia Crikey Camper Hire

Fremantle, Western Australia

Against a backdrop of the best preserved 19th century port streetscape in the world, a day out in Fremantle is an eclectic and eccentric blend of fabulous artisanal food, handcrafted beer, great coffee, quirky boutiques and a lively music, arts and festival scene. Duck into the Little Creatures brewery, or explore one of the hidden pockets of restaurants and bars in the west end.

Rockingham, Mandurah and Fremantle are perfect destinations to begin a journey to Australia’s magnificent South West region. For a walk through  the Boranup Forest or a centuries old cave in Yallingup, whale watching near Busselton, chocolate and toffee factories in Denmark and Esperance’s sanding beaches and friendly kangaroos lazing nearby at Lucky Bay.

Add our South West journey to your next Western Australian, 4WD road trip!

The Pinnacles

∼ 191 kms | 2 hours 17 minutes from Perth

Pinnacles Desert Australias Coral Coast Crikey Camper Hire

Pinnacles Desert Australias Coral Coast

Take a day trip from Perth to the other-worldly landscape of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. Following the Indian Ocean Drive, you can stop to meet friendly kangaroos, try sand boarding and taste Cervantes’ famous seafood delicacy – The western Rock Lobster. If you’re travelling between July and October you’ll see Western Australia in full colour, as the coastal landscapes are filled with the blooms of spring wildflowers.

Heading north towards the Pinnacles from Perth is a fantastic start to our Perth to Brome journey including Karijini National Park where you can explore Fortescue Falls, Circular and Fern Pool, and stay at the Karijini Eco Retreat or Dales Campsite.

Swan Valley & Perth Hills

∼ 28.5 kms | 35 minutes from Perth

Perth Hills Jarrahdale Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Perth Hills Jarrahdale Tourism WA

Take a 25-minute drive from the city and you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of Western Australia’s oldest vineyards, and award-winning wineries and microbreweries. Many of the wineries offer al fresco dining, or you can opt to fill a basket with gourmet goodies and head for a picnic, In and around Guildford or besides Bells Rapids are popular spots.

Extent your drive from the Swan Valley to the Perth Hills, taking in towns of Kalamunda and Armadale, gateways to the Araluen Botanical Park, wineries of the Bickley Valley and the Bibbulmun Track walk.

Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h and should, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published book or GPS navigational system.
Images: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia 
RoadToTheRock-MtAugustus-DJI_0175credit @RobMulally and @GeorgiaRickard Crikey Camper Hire

Perth to Perth Journey to Mount Augustus

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Found roughly 1,000kms north of Perth in the Gascoyne Murchinson region of Western Australia, Mount Augustus is the world’s biggest rock. It is located within Mount Augustus National Park, a lush outback paradise with swimming holes, ancient rock art, a small but buzzing tourist park and the cutest outback bar you’ve ever seen.

The journey is recommended for a 9 day 4WD only trip, however you can take as much time as you like, even add it on to make a bigger road trip!

Leg 1 Perth to Mount Magnet

∼ 563 kms | 6 hours

Paynes Find Australias Golden Outback Crikey Camper Hire

Paynes Find Australias Golden Outback

Begin your journey through the Swan Valley.

Refuel at Dalwallinu and check out the general store.

This will be your first glimpse at wildflowers on the roadside.

Stop for lunch at Payne’s Find at the outback roadhouse.

▲ Stay at Mount Magnet Caravan Park for powered and unpowered sites, or head 70kms north of Payne’s Find to Nalbarra Station with your Safari Camper Trailer.

Leg 2 Mount Magnet to Cue

∼ 80 kms | 1 hour

Cue @RobMulally and @GeorgiaRickard Crikey Camper Hire

Cue @RobMulally and @GeorgiaRickard

Take your time and enjoy the stops along today’s short drive.

First stop at The Granites – a striking set of rocky outcrops reaching 15 metres high, and s site of great cultural significance to the Badimia people.

Aim to arrive for a beautiful sunrise and try and spot a shy kangaroo among the boulders.

Explore the town of Cue. In the early 1890s there were more people in Cue than in Perth due to the gold rush, today it is a decidedly quieter place. The grand facade of the buildings remain, head to the Queen of the Murchison to check out the classic Art Deco – high ceilings and decorative wooden architraves that make up this fantastic bed and breakfast.

Next stop is the abandoned ghost town of Big Bell. Established in 1935 for those who came to work in the adjacent mine.

Continue on to discover the rock formation that has been nicknamed ‘Uluru’s little sister’. At nearly two kilometres in length, Walga Rock is amazingly similar in structure and appearance to Uluru, and is the second largest monolith in Australia.

▲ Stay at Cue Tourist Park.

Leg 3 Cue to Meekatharra to Mount Augustus

∼ 469 kms | 7 hours

Road to Mount Augustus @RobMulally Crikey Camper Hire

Road to Mount Augustus @RobMulally

You’re off to see the world’s biggest rock!

Before you depart Cue, be sure to check out the Bell & Co emporium which today operates as a general store and working museum, with an original flying fox still in operation.

Meekatharra is home to lovely architecture and is your last chance to refuel and grab any food or drinks before you head off road for today’s ultimate destination.

Admire the unusual colour of the earth, which flows continuously between chalky white solids, field of olive-coloured srub and a dark red dirt. Stop and look for Mount Gould Lock-Up – an abandoned police station from the 1800s, be sure to check out the floor made of rocks of quartz!

This is a fantastic area to spy some of WA’s famous wildflowers during the spring.

Start by taking the 40-minute Loop Drive around the base of the rock. As you edge around it’s northern face, you will begin to see the resemblance to Uluru and just how enormous it is.

Settle in at an open-air bar or take the 15 minute drive to Emu Hill lookout, from which it’s not hard to understand how Mount Augustus came to be a place of spiritual significance to the Wadjarri people.

▲ Stay at Mount Augustus Tourist Park with a choice of powered and unpowered campsites.

Explore Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus @GeorgiaRickard Crikey Camper Hire

Mount Augustus @GeorgiaRickard

Explore Mount Augustus starting with Flintstone Rock Walk, a short trail at 500 metres to a set of ancient Aboriginal petroglyphs (carvings in rock) hidden under a large slab of rock that bridges a creek.

If it is warm enough take a swim at Cattle Pool or head off on one of the several walking trails in and around the rock.

Mount Augustus is a monocline: the type of rock formation that leans, or ‘dips’ in a single direction. At 1700 million years old, it is three times older than Uluru and twice it’s size, making it the largest rock in the world.

Hike to the peak of Mount Augustus. This is a challenging six-hour return adventure but it is well worth it. Make sure you prepare lunch and water the day before and head off before dawn to make your way around the rock to the entrance of the Summit Trail.

Leg 4 Mount Augustus to Gascoyne Junction

∼ 299 kms | 4 hours 30 minutes

Kennedy Range National Park @toughlifetouring Crikey Camper Hire

Kennedy Range National Park @toughlifetouring

Refuel at the tourist park before you go and set off towards Temple Gorge, located within Kennedy Range National Park.

If it’s spring, prepare your camera… the road to Kennedy Range National Park heads west towards Australia’s coastline and is carpeted with wildflowers of yellow, white, purple and red.

Stop off for a walking trail from Honeycomb Gorge or the other trails before heading for the town of Gascoyne Junction.

▲ Stay at Junction Tourist Park with a choice of powered and unpowered sites with access to water and ablution facilities.

Leg 5 Gascoyne Junction to Wooleen Station

∼ 339 kms | 5 hours

Wooleen Station Sunset Tour @RobMulally and @GeorgiaRickard Crikey Camper Hire

Wooleen Station Sunset Tour @RobMulally and @GeorgiaRickard

Refuel at the roadhouse onsite and begin your adventure south to the famous Wooleen Station.

At nearly half a million acres in size, this breathtaking outback property made it’s way onto Australian TV after it’s change of ownership to David Pollock and Fances Jones in 2007. David hosts a Guided Sunset tour that concludes at Tanjimook, an Indigenous sacred site found on the property, which is similar to Australia’s famous Devils Marbles.

▲ Camping sites are unpowered on Wooleen Station, campfires and pets are welcome in some areas.

Wooleen Station

Wooleen Station @franceselizabethjones Crikey Camper Hire

Wooleen Station @franceselizabethjones

Explore Wooleen Station, head off on a trail or to Yewlands Pool or Wooleen Lake, or if it is warm enough to the Murchison River.

Leg 6 Wooleen Station to Perth

∼ 640 kms | 8 hours

Coalseam Conservation Park (IG) lesbouclettesenvarouille Crikey Camper Hire

Coalseam Conservation Park (IG) lesbouclettesenvarouille

Depart early and head for Coalseam Conservation Park – an absolute treat. This sheltered valley with mineral-rich soils has created the ideal conditions for WA’s native everlastings.

Total Kilometres: 3,487
Total Travel Hours: 44
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h. While the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h, the travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic and fuel / food / bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Itinerary: Courtesy of Australia’s Golden Outback
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