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Gibb River Road 4WD Hire

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Hire a 4WD to travel on the Gibb River Road

Crikey Campers hire powerful Toyota LandCruiser 4WD’s paired with an Off Road Camper Trailer. Contrary to motor homes, our Crikey Camper 4WD Camper package can be taken fully off-road such as on the popular Gibb River Road.

The Gibb River Road is an adventure for some and more precisely a trip of a lifetime for others! You will be experiencing new and unfamiliar territory and explore of the last pristine regions of Australia. When comparing 4WD Self-drive products it is important that the equipment, standard specifications, fees and charges and suitability of the product hired for your trip is considered. Dig a little deeper than a simple online search and you will find that a Crikey Camper package is a unique product that has been designed to offer the outback traveler a safe and comfortable experience. You can find how we compare on this page.

Crikey Campers only hire Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser 4WD’s paired with a robust camper trailer made locally here in Perth, Western Australia. This 4WD and Safari Camper package is fully equipped for your trip on the Gibb River Road and comes with 3 interchangeable spare tyres.

Space is not an issue in our Crikey 4WD Camper. Luggage and load space can often be under-estimated while looking for a 4WD hire. Bedding, tents, water, cooking facilities, food, refrigeration, tools and recovery equipment and on average up to 60 litres of personal luggage per person need to be accounted for. Therefore, it becomes challenging for more than 2 people to travel in a single 4WD 4 door wagon. Due to its unique concept, the Crikey Camper package offers over 400 litres of storage independent of the vehicle! You can find out more about the storage.

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Best time to travel the Gibb River Road

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What is the best time to travel the Gibb River Road?

Temperatures in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions range from under 5 to over 4o degrees Celsius.

Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge in the King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park

Winter Season: May to October know as the Dry Season

  • Most popular time to visit
  • Warm days
  • Cool clear nights
  • Perfect for sightseeing

Summer Season: November to April known as the Wet Season

  • Fewer crowds
  • Hot days
  • The rain starts to be heavy after Christmas
  • Bird and wildlife in abundance
  • Spectacular lightening shows and waterfalls
  • Most tours, attractions and roads cannot be accessed!!!

Our recommendations

July is the peak season with the first two weeks being the most popular time to travel in the Kimberley. If you are not restricted to school holidays, Crikey Camper Hire recommends to travel during the months of May and June. The advantages are as follow:

  • More water in the waterfalls and swimming holes
  • Less crowded
  • Roads are in better conditions
  • Mitchell Falls Plateau might be easier to reach

We recommend to book at least a year in advance in order to secure your preferred travel dates and direction of travel.



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Broome to Broome Itinerary

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Broome to Broome itinerary, including the Gibb River Road in a 14 day journey or take your time and experience Western Australia’s north west.

Leg 1 Broome to Cape Leveque 210 kms 2.5 hours

The Dampier Peninsula stretches about 200 kilometres north of Broome along the partly unsealed Cape Leveque Road.

You can swim in the sparkling water, go snorkelling, fishing or relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Experience the amazing force of the giant tides, standing waves and whirlpools of King Sound near Cygnet Bay. Enjoy the pristine beaches and spectacular coastline.

Stay at Kooljaman for the night.

Leg 2 Cape Leveque to Windjana Gorge 544 kms 7 hours

Windjana Gorge National Park is one of the Kimberley’s most stunning gorges!

Leg 3 Windjana to Bell Gorge and Silent Grove 179 kms 2 hours

Explore and swim at the waterfalls including Bell Gorge along the lengths of the Gib River Road.  Silent Grove campsite is the best area to set up camp and to see Bell Gorge and Bells Falls, which are about 11km to the north-west of this campsite.

Leg 4 Bell Gorge and Silent Grove to Manning Gorge 122 kms 1.5 hours

Enjoy a bushwalk and experience the tranquility of Manning Falls. Manning Gorge is a great place to camp for one night.

Leg 5 Manning Gorge to El Questro 344 kms 4.5 hours

On your way to El Questro, visit Barnett River Gorge and enjoy the hospitality of a pioneering family-owned cattle station and explore the magnificent waterholes on the property.  Look out for incredible aboriginal art on the rock walls surrounding the waterholes.

Spend a couple of days exploring the El Questro park. Visit the thermal pool at Zebedee Springs, Emma Gorge or take a boat down the Chamberlain Gorge and fish for barramundi. Stay at El Questro’s campsite.

Leg 6 El Questro to Kununurra 78 kms 2 hours

Visit Lake Argyle. It is the largest lake in Australia and home to abundant wildlife. Check in at one of the many campsites available in Kununurra such as Ivanhoe Village Resort.

Enjoy the day in Mirima National Park.

Leg 7 Kununurra to Purnululu National Park 265 kms 3.5 hours

Bushwalking, plane or heli-tours, bus tours, station tours and more. From Bungle Bungle Caravan Park there is 70-80km of rough 4WD road to either Echidna Chasm or Cathedral Gorge. Plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to visit a few attractions. Suggested trips: Visitor centre, Cathedral Gorge and Picaninny Creek Walk – including Whipsnake Gorge and Picaninny Lookout. The park’s main feature, the Bungle Bungle Range, stands 300 metress above the spinifex covered plain and is dominated by the famous orange and black banded beehive-shaped dome. The park has limited accessible drinkable water. Good to know that our Safari Camprite trailers can hold 160 litres of drinkable water! Stay at the Bungle Bungles Caravan Park.

Leg 8  Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) to Halls Creek 149 kms  3 hours

Have a look at the China Wall, just outside of town. It looks like the miniature of the Great Wall of China! 45 kms out of town, you will find Palm Springs, where you can have a swim. Other places to have a look at include Caroline Pool, Old Halls Creek and Sawpit Gorge.

Leg 9 Halls Creek to Wolfe Creek National Park 149 km 3 hours

The Wolfe Creek meteorite crater is the second largest crater in the world from which fragments of a meteorite have been collected. The crater is 880 metres across and almost circular. A camping area in the national park is free to visitors.

Leg 10  Wolfe Creek National Park to Fitzroy Crossing 428 kms 6 hours

It’s the gateway to Geikie Gorge and it is is one of only two “towns” along the over 1000 km stretch of highway between Broome and Kununurra. The Geikie Gorge National Park does not have camping facilities so he only option is to stay at one of the two caravan parks in town.

Leg 11 Explore Geikie Gorge National Park (or head back to Broome 471 kms  6 hours)

There are several walk trails which can be explored or you can take a boat cruise to admire the gorge. Please note it is always recommended to purchase your tickets in advance. Depending on the time you are finished with Geikie Gorge National Park, you might wish to stay another night at Fitzroy Crossing or make your way back to Broome and stay in one of their caravan parks.

Explore Broome

Broome is a compact town to explore and attractions are all within 15 minutes drive.

Must see & do:

  • Camel ride on Cable Beach
  • Matso’s mango beer brewery
  • Fishing
  • Whale Watching
  • Pearl tour
  • Sunset
  • Crocodile farm
Total kilometers: 2,790
Total travel hours: 38
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published book or GPS navigational system.
Images: Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia and Northern Territory

Australien 4WD Camper mieten

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Geländewagen und Campinganhänger in Australien mieten

Mit Crikey Camper Hire können Sie ein 4WD Camper mieten und Westaustralien und Northern Territory entdecken.

In Westaustralien liegen die schönsten Orte und eindrucksvollsten Nationalparks oftmals abseits der geteerten Straßen und sind daher nicht mit herkömmlichen Wohnmobilen und Campern erreichbar.

Mit dem robusten und funktionalen 4WD + Safari Camper (Geländewagen und Campinganhänger) nehmen Sie Ihre Unterkunft auch bis in die abgelegenste Region mit und müssen nie auf Komfort verzichten.

Der 4WD + Safari Camper bietet deutlich mehr Platz und Stauraum und bis zum 5 komfortable Schlafplätze. Das ist ideal für Familien oder Paare. Bei längeren Aufenthalten an einem Ort müssen Sie nicht die kompletter Ausrüsttung aufs Neue verstauen. Wann startet Ihr Abenteueur? Wir haben Stationen in Perth, Broome und Darwin!

4WD Camper auf einen Blick

  • Keine Einwegmietgebühren zwischen unseren Stationen Perth, Broome und Darwin
  • Kein Zuschlag für Mieten ab oder bis Broome
  • Unbegrenzte Kilometers
  • Gespannfahrten in Australien sind mit dem normalen PKW-Führerschein erlaubt
  • Komplette Campinausstattung
  • Satelitten-Telefon
  • Portables Navigationsystem
  • 60 l Kühlschrank
  • Klimaanlage während der Fahrt
  • Radio/ CD Spieler
  • 160 l Frischwassertank
  • Bettzeug
  • 3 Ersatzreifen
  • 24 Stunden Pannenhilfe

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How to choose the right 4WD Camper for your Western Australian road trip

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Ask yourself these 7 essential questions when searching for your 4WD Camper rental!

4WD + Safari Camper Package

1.    What safety features does the car have?

Let’s face it, no ones likes to break down in the middle of nowhere! Make sure you check which recovery gear is included in your 4WD hire.

2.    Is there enough room for your luggage?

The 4WD you’ve been looking at might seem nice and compact but can you fit all your equipment? Think about where you will store your food, clothes, water, bedding, cooking equipment and table and chairs.

3.    Where can you go with your 4WD Camper?

The majority of the Western Australian’s attractions are located via off road access. Make sure you are able to take your 4WD Camper hire where you would like to go!

4.    How many people?

Some 4WD’s seat 2, others 3 and others 5! Explore your options and also make sure that everybody will be comfortable! Hard seats or soft? Access to the rear passenger seats?  Space available in the 4WD? And most importantly, would you like to sleep on sleeping mats or a mattress?

5.    How big is the water tank?

It’s extremely dangerous not to carry enough water. Towns can be very far apart and drinkable water not easily accessible. On average, you should cater for 10 litres per person, per day.

6.  What is included and what costs extra?

Look at the final cost and not the daily rate! A lot of little extra’s can make a cheap rental more expensive that an all-inclusive provider. Think about the table & chairs, child seats, extra drivers’ fees and kilometres.

7.    Liability reduction options?

It’s important to know what’s covered in your 4WD Camper rental and what is not. Companies generally hold a security bond secured via credit card and also offer liability reduction options to reduce your excess.

Feeling confused? Crikey provides you with peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your holidays in total comfort! Our 4WD + Safari Camper package is fully equiped and designed for off road adventures such as the Gibb River Road. All you need to bring is your food and clothes!
It’s camping truly made easy!

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