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Perth to Albany via The Horsepower Highway

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Itinerary Summary

Time of the year : All year around

Road : On-road & Off-road

Vehicle : 4WD + Safari Camper trailer

Depot : Perth (all year)

Take the new WA's trail on your Perth to Albany road trip to learn about WA's agricultural past - the Horsepower Highway.

Perth - Albany via The Horsepower Highway

There’s never been a better time to explore WA and the route to Albany is always worth it to add to  your list. This is one of the WA’s popular road trip with several different itineraries featuring the Great Southern’s inland or the Southern Ocean coast. However, special for this itinerary, we would like to introduce a new different route to Albany, where you can experience the WA’s agricultural life in the past.

This is a new WA’s trail and we are so excited to share it with you!

We can set you up with a fully-equipped 4WD and camper trailer that’s ready and raring to go with all the camping gear you’ll need, so you don’t need to worry about the accomodation. Another special thing about our 4WD and camper trailer package is you’re able to park up the camper trailer, and explore some of the less accessible areas around in 4WD mode.

Check out the itinerary below:

Leg 1 : Perth - Katanning

± 280 Kms

Start your trip to Katanning – if you start nice and early, you can make it in time for gorgeous wool products and top grade brunch with delicious coffee at the Williams Woolshed. From there continue your journey to enjoy the historic town’s technicolour street art, part of the Public Silo Trail. You won’t be able to miss two other grand buildings in town: the Kobeeyla House and the Premier Mill Hotel. The imposing 17-bedroom Kobeeyla was built in 1902, and was the first home in WA to be connected to electricity. The Premier Mill Hotel has become one of WA’s foremost boutique hotels – you can treat yourself to a luxe stay for your first night on the road, or just stop by the cellar for a drink at the Cordial Bar.

Leg 2: Katanning - The Horsepower Highway

± 26 Kms

Continue your trip down south and turn off 5km after Broomehill Village onto the Horsepower Highway. It’s WA’s new trail that stretches for 75km to the Stirling Range National Park. The Horsepower Highway trail offer you the unique vintage tractors that features its own story of the agricultural history in the region. Some are on display in their original state, while others have been restored in a way that honours the local community from which they come. It’s a really fun, educational way to continue your journey south, with a handy interactive map available for you to track your trip. You can also get more info via the The Horsepower Highway Facebook Page.

The Horsepower Highway

Leg 3: The Horsepower Highway - Stirling Range National Park

± 97 Kms

As you follow the trail,  you’ll find yourself at the Stirling Range National Park: home of stunning landscapes and the highest point in the South West, Bluff Knoll. Take a drive in the scenic red dirt with majestic view as your background – a perfect stop to get your Instagramable picture. If you feeling the need for adventure, add the Bluff Knoll summit on your list. Do you still need extra challenge? Add the  Toolbrunup Peak to the list!

Campgrounds: Mt. Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Parks or Moingup Springs campground

Leg 4: Stirling Range National Park - Albany

± 78 Kms

Once you have enough to explore the majestic Stirling Range National Park, continue your trip to the south. Stop for another unique experience – the Granite Skywalk located on top of Castle Rock in the Porongurup. From here, you can continue your trip to Albany, where you can taste some delicious local food produce, try the local brew – Wilson Brewing Company, beach hopping and visit the National Anzac Centre or Albany’s Historic Whaling Station. If you have extra time to explore Albany, make sure to add Albany Wind Farm, The Gap & Natural Bridge and the Albany Public Silo Art.

Campgrounds: Cosy Corner East campground or Kennedy Camping Centre

Leg 5: Albany - Denmark

± 54 Kms

While in Denmark, there are so many activities we recommended for you. Head over to Greens Pool and Elephant Rock, 15-min drive west of Denmark’s centre. Here you can swim in an almost completely sheltered beach with a white sandy beach on your toes and some exposed rock resembles a herd of elephants from several angles. If you have enough swim, let’s take a walk in The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. The walk will give you a bird’s eye view of some of the biggest timber giants on Earth. Should you need some time to eat and relax, we suggest you check their local brewery, Boston Brewing Co.

Campgrounds: Parry Beach Campsite or Riverbrand Chalets & Caravan Park.

Valley of the Giant
Image ©Tourism Western Australia

Leg 6: Denmark - Manjimup

± 185 Kms

Enjoy a beautiful Southwest forest when you drive toward Manjimup. Here you can explore the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park. Something special for your kids to learn in a fun way and the playground on site will keep you and kids entertained. Don’t forget to check out the Four Aces, a straight row of karri trees that are over 300 years old and stand only one kilometre from One Tree Bridge. Perhaps, you still looking for a more peaceful and green forest vibe, lucky you, the town is surrounded by exciting walk trails you can explore.

Leg 7: Manjimup - Bunbury

± 150 Kms

Heading back north to Bunbury, be sure to take a drive with beautiful views of farm life in the South West. Along the way, you can stop at Bridgetown for a quick coffee and enjoy the stunning greenery view. Continue your journey to Bunbury for some local food and explore the town. If you need some unique experience, how about a tour to the WA’s second oldest church, St Mark’s Church (1842), or get closer to the dolphins on a 90-minute boat tour from the Dolphin Discovery Centre.

Bunbury Dolphin Centre
Image ©Tourism Western Australia

Leg 8: Bunbury - Perth

± 173 Kms

Before heading back to Perth, make sure to stop in Bunbury Farmers Market for some fresh local produce. With a fully functional commercial kitchen, there is always the option of taking home fresh and delicious sushi, rolls, salads, baguettes, fruit salad, blended yoghurt, muffins, scrolls, Danish pastries, quiches, soups and pies, or treat yourself to a coffee and something to eat from their take away outlet.

That’s how you enjoy a short break down south! If you interested in longer itinerary to explore the South West Edge, check out our Perth to Esperance via The Horsepower Highway itinerary on this link.

Perth-Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

Perth to Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

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Itinerary Summary

Best Time : All year round

Road : On-road & Off-road

Vehicle : 4WD + Safari Camper trailer

Depot : Perth (all year)

No Accom, No Worries! Take our 4WD + Off-road Safari Camper trailer to explore our new itinerary this summer.

Perth - Esperance via The Horsepower Highway

We’re ready to hit the wide open road this summer – feel the wind in our hair, the sun on our back and see some sights along the way. There’s never been a better time to explore WA, although it can get a little tricky when accommodation starts to book up!

No worries! We’ve got you covered. We can set you up with a fully-equipped 4WD and camper trailer that’s ready and raring to go with all the camping gear you’ll need. Before you set off on your trip we’ll run you through the simple set up process, and without you notice, you’re on the wide open road! The best part about booking a 4WD and camper trailer combo is you’re able to park up the camper trailer, and explore some of the less accessible areas around our state in 4WD mode.

On this itinerary, we will take you to the new WA’s trails – The Horsepower Highway. On this trail you’ll see and learn about WA’s agricultural past before heading south to another beautiful destinations like Stirling Range National Park or Esperance – check out the itinerary below:

Leg 1 : Perth - Katanning

± 280 Kms

Get some miles in from the get-go with your first leg from Perth to Katanning – if you start nice and early, you can make it in time for an A-grade brunch and gorgeous wool products at the Williams Woolshed. From there take in the historic town’s technicolour street art, part of the Public Silo Trail. You won’t be able to miss two other grand buildings in town: the Kobeeyla House and the Premier Mill Hotel. The imposing 17-bedroom Kobeeyla was built in 1902, and was the first home in WA to be connected to electricity. The Premier Mill Hotel has become one of WA’s foremost boutique hotels – you can treat yourself to a luxe stay for your first night on the road, or just stop by the cellar for a drink at the Cordial Bar.

Leg 2: Katanning - The Horsepower Highway

± 26 Kms

Just outside of Katanning you’ll see the start of a really unique part of WA that’s not as talked about as some of the more mainstream journeys – The Horsepower Highway. Set along the shadows of the Stirling Ranges, The Horsepower Highway is a trail that follows Broomehill-Gnowangerup Rd, itself littered with vintage tractors each telling stories of the region’s agricultural history. Some are on display in their original state, while others have been restored in a way that honours the local community from which they come. It’s a really fun, educational way to continue your journey south, with a handy interactive map available for you to track your trip. You can also get more info via the The Horsepower Highway Facebook Page.

The Horsepower Highway

Leg 3: The Horsepower Highway - Stirling Range National Park

± 97 Kms

As you follow the tractors, you’ll find yourself at the Stirling Range National Park: home of stunning landscapes and the highest point in the South West, Bluff Knoll. Camp up at one of the private campgrounds to the north of the park, or at Moingup Springs within the park and explore the surrounding areas with your 4WD. If you’re really feeling the need for adventure, you can summit the Bluff – just make sure you’re prepared.

Campgrounds: Mt. Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Parks or Moingup Springs campground

Leg 4: Stirling Range National Park - Fitzgerald River National Park

± 165 Kms

As if Stirling Range National Park wasn’t impressive enough, you’ll continue on through the picturesque roads to UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserve Fitzgerald River National Park. Reaching all the way to the coast, it’s host to a huge, impressive variety of landscapes and flora. You can explore much of the park on four wheels, with plenty of 4WD-only tracks that you’ll be able to access during dry weather.

Campgrounds: Hamersley Inlet Campground or St. Mary Inlet campground

Fitzgerald National Park

Leg 5: Fitzgerald River National Park - Ravensthorpe

± 205 Kms

Squeeze in a visit to the blow holes at Hopetoun and try and spot a few whales before it’s onwards to Ravensthorpe. A must visit? Check out the mammoth, 25 metre tall silos that feature a set of banksia murals by Freo-based artist Amok Island.

Campgrounds: Four Mile Campground or Hopetoun Beachside Caravan Park

Leg 6: Ravensthorpe - Esperance

± 207 Kms

Perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful roads, you absolutely have to jump onto the 40km Great Ocean Drive: an epic, breathtaking loop that stops by countless stunning beaches. Drive right onto the beach at Cape Le Grand National Park, climb to the top of Frenchman’s Peak, and hop your way right on over to the resident kangaroos in Lucky Bay – truly an iconic Australian moment. Further east, you’ll find Wharton Beach: one of WA’s most pristine, breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

Campgrounds: Lucky Bay Campground or RAC Esperance Holiday Park

Esperance - Lucky Bay

Leg 7: Esperance - Hyden

± 382 Kms

Head back inland towards Hyden, where you’ll be witness to the magic of Wave Rock, and Mulka’s Cave – two truly unique geological formations. Plus, the area is also where you’ll find Lake Magic: a super salty lake with some pretty snazzy views.

Campgrounds: Wave Rock Caravan Park or Tressie’s Museum Caravan Park

Leg 8: Hyden - Perth

± 321 Kms

A must-visit on the home stretch is Kokerbin Rock, a 122 metre high monolith and the third largest in Australia, with some amazing views at the top. And finally it’s a quick layover in York – one of our favourite day trips from the city, it’s filled with stunning heritage-listed buildings and there are countless walking trails for every ability that surround the town, including along the glorious Avon River.

That’s how you enjoy a short break down south! If you interested in shorter itinerary to explore the South West Edge, check out our Perth to Albany via The Horsepower Highway itinerary on this link.

Perth to Exmouth Loop via Kalbarri

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Do you want to go gorge hiking, drift snorkelling, off-roading and turtle-watching all in the same day? There’s not many places where you can, but you can definitely do it in an Exmouth Loop via Kalbarri.

Look forward to fresh, positive vibes alongside nature because as you drive along the coast, you hear the sound of thundering waves crashing against the rocks, the smell of seawater lingering in the air, seagulls squawking when food is spotted and loud, freeing music blaring on the speakers.

Where are you going?

To see the real world! As you go on a road trip, you feel the wonderful experience of going off the beaten path and actually see communities and natural wonders, far from being on a train track or looking at views from 35,000 feet up in the air. Breathing in nature is a great way to relax and find yourself, with peace and serenity dwelling inside you.

The farmers’ markets, local events, and national parks are yours to explore!

Off you go!  

Before you start your road trip, make sure you have your snacks ready, a couple of bathers with you, some waterproof sunscreen, and awesome tunes because this road trip is packed with a lot of seawater, a good dose of Vitamin Sea and plenty of opportunities to practice that high note!

Leg 1: Perth to Geraldton (~415 km)

Arrive at Crikey Camper Hire and get a thorough run-through of your luxury caravans or camper trailers you book with us. Make sure you speak your mind and don’t be afraid to ask the team if you have any questions!

Start your drive towards Geraldton and head over to Big 4 Sunset Beach Holiday Park, just right on the waterfront! If time permits, explore the town and check out their various museums, lighthouses and the town beach. As the sun lowers into the horizon, bask in the sunset as it is a pretty magical place to watch the sun go down. The place isn’t called ‘Big 4 Sunset’ for no reason! After your first magical sunset, out of many on this exciting trip, get tucked in pretty early because if the sunset is good, then you wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise.

Leg 2: Geraldton to Shark Bay (~337 km)

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, the drive towards the ocean! Head west towards Shark Bay, one of the world’s most significant and secure stronghold, famous for the protection of around 11,000 Dugongs and the increasing numbers of Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales using Shark Bay as a migratory staging port. You must’ve heard of its famous population of Bottlenose Dolphins living in the bay as well!

Take your bathers and waterproof sunscreen because your first stop is Shell Beach, a beautiful, breathtaking snow-white beach made up of billions and billions of tiny little shells, up to 10 metres deep and stretching as far as the eye can see for over 70 kilometres. No sand, just shells! Floating has never been easier because the water is hypersaline which translates to being extremely salty. Swim to your heart’s content because your next adventure is checking out the town.

Head over to Denham Seaside Caravan Park and enjoy its absolute water frontage and panoramic ocean views that boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Enjoy a cold beer or take a nice, calm stroll along the beach as you watch the sun go down. That’s the second sunset done!

Leg 3: Shark Bay

Bring plenty of water because you are going, EVERYWHERE! First up is once again, Shell Beach. If you haven’t had your fill of tiny, baby shells, visit Shell Beach once again, don’t worry we won’t judge! We love playing with billions of shells and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make sure to leave enough time to explore the rest because your next stop is Monkey Mia, famous for a wild dolphin experience, surrounded by rusty red sand suns, pristine white sandy beaches, and water wildlife! Take a little break from all the water because exploring the area’s natural and cultural history along the Wulyibidi Yaninyina trail is just as good. Go inwards and walk over dunes and along the beach on a 1.5 kilometres loop walk and spot the amazing varieties of birds that are most active just after sunrise, or just before sunset.

To confuse you even more with, ‘Where should I watch the sunset?’, head over to Eagle Bluff just south of Denham, featuring spectacular high cliffs that overlook the Denham Sound. This is a 400 metre boardwalk, high above shallow coastal waters where you can enjoy amazing views and spot wildlife such as ospreys, dugongs, dolphins, sharks and rays.

Get excited about some lovely, calm water because Little Lagoon is the next on your list! The magnificent stretch of calm water is perfect for swimming, fishing, and frolicking in these clear shallow waters. If you want to see more of this clear, natural pool, this time head over to Big Lagoon, with its breathtaking turquoise lagoon, it is an excellent spot to explore by canoe or sea kayak.


After a calming, peaceful day, your adrenaline will spin through you as you check out Steep Point, the most westerly point of the Australian mainland! Just as the feeling of the beaches are a stark contrast to the adrenaline at Steep Point, so is the red dunes and white beaches to the dominating limestone and the impressive 200 metre Zuytdorp Cliffs that stretch from Kalbarri in an unbroken wall of over 180 kilometres until the secluded False Entrance beach.

Leg 4: Shark Bay to Coral Bay (~486 km)

Get up early and watch the sunrise at Shark Bay, as the orange and pink clouds hover above your head as the sun starts to rise. Head over to Coral Bay for an unforgettable experience with the water wildlife.

Your first stop is Bill’s Bay, a wonderful relaxing seaside holiday ambience with its pristine white beaches and protected waters, just located in the tiny town of Coral Bay, providing easy access to the world-famous Ningaloo Reef. Snorkel and revel in the rich marine life just off the shore. You can either dive or snorkel off the beach or visit the deeper parts of the water to watch the dugongs, manta rays, and the captivating whale sharks. You can also take a boat tour if you visit between June and October to personally witness the amazing sight of migrating humpback whales.

When you’re done for the day, head over to Ningaloo Coral Bay – Bayview with the Australian outback and the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef on their doorstep. There you will find snorkelling gears available to buy or hire and you can take a boat tour booking in their Boat office.

Leg 5: Coral Bay to Exmouth (~152 km)

Before leaving Coral Bay, head over to Bill’s Bay once again and go for a sweet sunrise walk. If you fancy, spend all morning snorkelling from the start of Bill’s Bay and let the current surprise you and take you to unexpected parts of the bay. Who knows, you might find something cool!

Once you’ve snorkelled, make the small trek to Exmouth and arrive at Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort, which is not just your typical resort. Located in Exmouth town, its simple sophistication and laid-back holiday vibes allow you to relax around the pool, enjoy some onsite dining experience, or stroll around the town and grab some pizza and beer. Rest early because the next day you will be exploring Exmouth throughout the day and you’re going to need as much energy as you can!

Leg 6: Exmouth

Start your day with a morning snorkel around the reef at Oyster Stacks, which has five isolated islets that protrude from the reef and are literally covered with oysters! Snorkel from shore and explore the shallow, colourful coral gardens, and bask in the abundance of fish and diverse invertebrates. Keep an eye out because you might spot some turtles and sharks cruising by!

If you want to see more of that, head over to Turquoise Bay for some rich diversity of coral, fish, and other marines, a perfect spot to spend the morning relaxing, swimming, and snorkelling. The white sandy shores give way to clear waters, which harbours an abundance of beautiful marine life.

This is where you get to swim with the whale sharks! Head over to Whale Shark Boat charter and go on a tour for one of the very best and unforgettable experiences in a lifetime. This breathtaking experience comes with finding you a whale shark to swim with and not only that, but you also get to experience what makes Ningaloo so special, including manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, a spectacular display of colourful corals and all shapes and sizes of amazing fish life!

Check out Mildura Wreck and have an interesting read of what happened. Without this wreck, your next destination, Vlamingh Head Lighthouse would not exist! The wreck is very close to shore, ranging around 80 m to the sea, this is a short and interesting visit to one of the rare historical events in the development of the remote region. The wreck is best seen on air in one of the scenic flights offered in town.

Head over to Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and bask in the breathtaking views of the Northwest Cape as you drive up to the lighthouse. Watch the sun go down on the top of the hill and look towards the horizon for spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Ningaloo Reef.

At the end of the day, have a relaxing night and treat yourself around town to celebrate the unforgettable, exciting experience you just had!

Leg 7: Exmouth

Start the day early and go for a hike in Cape Range National Park through the rocky gorges, with the rugged limestone range and arid coastal plain of Cape Range adjoining the pristine waters of Ningaloo Marine Park. The place boasts spectacular contrasting scenery, so don’t forget to bring your bathers and snorkelling gears! Cape Range is rich and diverse in an array of Australian wildlife, and that include kangaroos, emus, echidnas, birds, and black-flanked rock wallabies.

After hiking, there are activities for all abilities from universal access walk trails to wildlife viewing, beachcombing, swimming, snorkelling, beach fishing and more!

Now, head over to Charles Knife Canyon and go up the winding road to the top of the range, offering spectacular views of the rugged terrain overlooking Cape Range and the water of Exmouth Gulf. You can go on the walking trail, Badjirrajirra Walk, from the Thomas Carter Lookout which will is a 6 km return walk and will take approximately 3 hours. It is a moderately difficult loop, traversing to the top of Cape Range and along the way, the trail winds its way through rocky gullies, some small gorges, and open spinifex bushland.


Head back to town and savour your last few moments in Exmouth this vacation because tomorrow you will be heading to Carnarvon!

Leg 8: Exmouth to Carnarvon (~365 km)

Head over to Gascoyne Growers’ Markets or known as the “salad bowl of WA”, as the town centre of Carnarvon comes alive with a diverse range of fruit and vegetables, lush tropical fruits, eggs and seafood! This only occurs every Saturday morning from May to October so when you have the opportunity to come to this exhilarating experience, take advantage of it as it’s sure to be one of the luckiest coincidences!

Head over to Carnarvon’s newest and highly-rated tourist attraction, the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum which celebrates the little-known history of Carnarvon’s role in the manned space program and the Australian communications industry. The museum is great fun for the whole family, showcasing interactive displays to educate and entertain all ages.

At the end of the day head over to Coral Coast Tourist Park, the most convenient location for holiday accommodation when visiting Carnarvon, conveniently located within easy reach of the Townsville city centre. Tuck in snuggly because the next day towards Kalbarri is going to be a fun, adventurous day!

Leg 9: Carnarvon to Kalbarri (~442 km)

Head over to Red Bluff, with the dramatic coastal cliffs offering amazing, spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. This spot is most ideal to see humpback whales on their annual migration along the Kalbarri coastline. Not only that but you’ll be also amazed by the landscape this place offers, with delicate threads of red rock that looks like tears frozen in time, it is believed to be 400 million years old!

Now head over to Jacques/Jakes Point, a popular surfing beach in Kalbarri, giving you a perfect left-hand surf break along with the point. With easy access to the water from the coastal cliff rock platforms, the spectators are given a great vantage point from the water’s edge and white sandy beach. Explore the beach coastline and keep an eye out for the bottlenose dolphins that are frequently seen playing in the water off the shore.

Head over to Kalbarri Anchorage Caravan Park, nestled on the banks of the Murchison River at the centre of town, and watch the sunset over the river. Take an early night in because the next day, you are heading out to explore what Kalbarri has to offer!

Leg 10: Kalbarri

Wake up before sunrise and head over to Natures Window to watch the sunrise, an unmissable sunrise beamed through the canyon and the red dirt surroundings lit up in an array of beautiful reds, and oranges and browns! This iconic attraction of wind-eroded opening, layered in sandstone that frames a view of the river. This is a moderate, 1 km return walk that begins with a flight of stairs from the lookout carpark.

More lookouts ahead as you head over to Kalbarri Skywalk! Perched right on the cliff-top, there are two 100-m-high lookouts projecting 25 and 17 metres beyond the rim of the Murchison Gorge. Visitors can venture out on to the skywalks and bask in the incredible views of a spectacular gorge and surrounding environment.

Head over to the Z Bend Lookout and admire the spectacular display of the tight bends on Murchison River which is carved into the Tumblagooda Sandstone gorge. For a more adventurous hike, you can do the Z Bend River Trail, and take an hour-long hike to embark on the trek down into the gorge, winding through the boulders and the river red gums to reach the Murchison River. This first-hand experience allows you to climb over boulders, through passages, and down ladders, and make sure to keep an eye out for the various species of wildflowers of orchids and flowering natives. If the season is perfect, allow yourself to have a swim and cool off in the waters of the Murchison River, or walk along the rock edge and enjoy the calm, peaceful surroundings.

For a more relaxing rest after your hike, head over to Blue Holes, renowned for their exceptional snorkelling with its protected waters and rock pools make the place a natural aquarium for marine life and a safe environment to splash around! The beach is fairly isolated with a nice sandy area, and there is a huge number of fish species in a concentrated area.

As dusk comes near, bask in the sun, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of hearing the small splash of the ocean waves. Reflect on your trip and think of all the great memories you just had because before you know it, you are once again planning for your next memorable adventure!

Leg 11: Kalbarri to Perth (~570 km)

Pack your bags because now it’s time to go back. But before you do that, as a one last hurray, head over to Hutt Lagoon, and bask in all the bright pinks and browns. Such a dreamlike lake draws visitors, near and far, and astounds onlookers with their vivid pink waters.

Hit the highway towards the south and feel the buzzing excitement and inspiration from this trip! We hope you keep these adventures close to your hearts and look forward to more adventures to come. Cheers!

Winter road trips ideas WA

5 Winter Road Trip Ideas in WA

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Looking for a winter road trip in Western Australia? Wintertime in Western Australia also offers many spectacular road trip ideas that can be tailored to your needs. Here are 5 winter road trip ideas for you to choose from.

1. Take a dip in Karijini National Park & Exmouth

Perhaps the tropical and semi-desert climate of Karijini National and WA’s pristine coastline will save you from the winter this year.

Start this WA’s most iconic road trip by enjoying the textured gorges and refreshing hidden swimming holes in Karijini. Then continue your trip to Exmouth where you can enjoy the sun on the beach. Don’t forget to do some wildflower-spotting along the trip.

Find out more in our 14 day Exmouth Loop itineraries.

2. Embrace winter in the South West region

Wintertime in the South West region is amazing. Everything is lush and green, perfect for a picturesque road trip you’ve been thinking of.

Head south to Bunbury for the Kombana Bay Dolphins, get lost in the massive Boranup Forest Maze, enjoy the wine tasting in Margaret River and finish your trip by spotting migrating whales in Albany or Augusta.

Learn more about this road trip in our South West Trip itinerary.

3. Experience the Western Australia Outback Drive Routes

Your Australia road trip is going to be perfect with an outback drive and life experience. Start your road trip playlist and drive to the Gascoyne Murchison region of Western Australia where you’ll find Mount Augustus, the world’s biggest rock – but many Australians have never heard of it.

From Perth drive to the lush and green of the Swan Valley and stop in the abandoned ghost town of Big Bell, which was established in 1935 during the Big Bell gold mine period. Continue your trip to explore the lovely architecture of Meekatharra before you arrive in the 1700 million years old rock formation, Mount Augustus. 

Find more details about this road trip on Australia Golden Outback – 9 days Road to the Rock.

4. Follow the Golden Quest Discovery Trail

How about including some History classes during your road trip in Western Australia? The Gold Rush is part of Australian history and Western Australia is home to gold mines. For this reason, these outback towns will not only teach you about the Australian gold rush history but also provide you a wonderful experience of the charming outback pubs to wide-open red sandy landscapes. 

About 550km east of Perth, you can start exploring Coolgardie then continue to experience the historically rich city of Kalgoorlie. Don’t forget to visit the Super Pit. From here you can continue your journey to explore the ghost town of Gwalia which was abandoned overnight in 1963 due to the closure of a local mine. 

You can find more details about this richest trail by following the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.

5. Wildflower Country Drive in the Mid West region

This winter, immerse yourself amongst vibrant colorful wildflowers, relax under the country night sky filled with stars, and enjoy the unique experience of WA’s best-kept secret. Western Australia’s wildflower country is the collective group of nice local areas located in the north of Perth.

The Wildflower Country self-drive routes run from Moora in the south to Dalwallinu in the east, and from Mullewa in the north to Green Head and Geraldton in the west.

Find out more details about these routes by visiting the Wildflower Country website and choose your adventure in the colorful wildflowers country.

Before you travel, make sure to plan ahead and research the area you’ll be visiting. Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound, and always carry two spare tyres with you. Pack a first aid kit and bring four to five litres of water per person per day. Enjoy your winter road trip!

Ready for a winter road trips in Western Australia?

Get your 10th hire day free when you hire our fully equipped caravan this winter.

Cable Beach, Broome Crikey Camper Hire

20 Incredible White Sandy Beaches in Western Australia

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Hit the road and explore all that summer in Western Australia has to offer. Along the 12,500 kilometres of coastline, you’ll find beaches that are regularly voted among the best in the world, and with good reason. Some of the most stunning World Heritage scenery, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters and enduring beach holiday memories. 

So take a dip into Western Australia with our top 20 beaches within the regions of Australia’s Coral Coast, South West, North West and Golden Outback.

Book your road trip through Western Australia today.


Shell Beach, Francois Peron National Park

782 kms from Perth | 8 hours 20 minutes

Shell Beach, Francois Peron National Park Crikey Camper Hire Rebina Criddle Crikey Camper Hire

Shell Beach, Francois Peron National Park

Shell beach is located 45 kilometres south-east of Denham in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area of Australia’s Coral Coast. This beautiful snow-white beach is formed from billions of tiny shells up to 10 metres deep and stretching over 70 kilometres!

On a still day, the ocean at Shell Beach transforms into a palette of the most intense greens and blues – and the water is very salty (hypersaline), making it easy to float for those who aren’t strong swimmers – similar to the Dead Sea in Jordan.

▲ Benwenerup, Shoal Cape or Fanny Cove from $11 per night

Steep Point

884 kms from Perth | 10 hours 30 minutes

Steep Point Crikey Camper Hire

Steep Point

Steep Point is the most westerly point on mainland Australia, in Australia’s Coral Coast.

Within the proposed Edel Land National Park which extends to just south of False Entrance and encompasses much of Belefin Prong. Limestone cliffs rising 200 metres above the Indian Ocean on the western side of Edel Peninsula are backed by sweeping white sand dunes and secluded beaches on the eastern side.

▲Steep Point and Shelter Bay camping areas from $11 per night

Gnaraloo Homestead, Carnarvon

1,038 kms from Perth | 12 hours

Gnaraloo Homestead, Carnarvon Crikey Camper Hire

Gnaraloo Homestead, Carnarvon

Gnaraloo is located 12 hours drive north of Perth, accessible from Carnarvon. Access to the Gnaraloo Coast is via the Blowholes Road, and the turn off is approximately 20km north of Carnarvon on the North-West Coastal Highway. A 4WD is required to access the site. Find your own piece of heaven on the shores of Gnaraloo Bay, home to the world’s third largest Loggerhead turtle population in the world. With first class surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing beach along the stunning Coral Coast. It also offers exceptional fishing due to its position on the southern tip of the Ningaloo Reef. Gnaraloo has 57km of coastline and offers a plethora of activities to entertain all who visit and an unrivalled setting to experience it in. Pods of dolphins, manta rays, turtles, schools of tuna and whales frequent the ocean near Gnaraloo – so keep a close eye out.

▲ Gnaraloo Homestead or 3 Mile Camp

Turquoise Bay, Cape Range National Park

1,314 kms from Perth | 14 hours

Turquoise Bay Cape Range National Park Crikey Camper Hire

Turquoise Bay, Cape Range National Park

To get to Turquoise Bay drive 60 kilometres north-west of Exmouth into the Cape Range National Park.

Step into the pristine waters of the aptly named Turquoise Bay near the town of Exmouth and you’re swimming within a few metres of Ningaloo Reef. Known as one of Australia’s best beaches, Turquoise Bay is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

The white, sandy shores give way to stunning coral reef gardens just metres from the shore. Enter the water at the southern end of the beach and let the current take you over the reef for a fantastic snorkelling experience. Exit the water before you reach the north point of the sandbar.

▲ Tulki Beach, North Mandu, Ningaloo Reef, North Kurrajong and Kurrajong in Cape Range National Park, Mesa or Neds from $11 per night

Horrocks Beach

492 kms from Perth | 5 hours 40 minutes

Horrocks Beach Crikey Camper Hire

Horrocks Beach

Horrocks Beach is a popular and picturesque swimming beach in the beautiful seaside town of Horrocks. Enjoy swimming, fishing, beach combing or indulge in a range of water activities. During late spring, visit the specially constructed platform to look out for Humpback whales on their migration south.

You can swim out to the pontoon that is anchored during the summer months. If you are partial to fishing, then be sure to try your luck on the jetty. The bay is surrounded by coral reef where you can take a walk along the reef and neighbouring rock pools during low tide to investigate the diverse marine life.

Alternatively, if relaxing is all you want to do, soak up the sun on the white sandy beach while the children play in the nearby adventure playground.

▲ Horrocks caravan park

Coral Bay

1,122 kms from Perth | 12 hours

Coral Bay Western Australia Crikey Camper Hire

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is an unmissable beach holiday destination, blessed with beach weather for most of the year.
At the southern end of Ningaloo’s 5,000 square kilometres of diverse reef habitats, laid-back Coral Bay lets you explore its wonders at your own pace. You can even stay dry and view the coral gardens from a glass-bottom boat, or just laze on the beach with a book. But there’s plenty of adventure to be found. Just a sandy-footed stroll from the beach, the town itself offers a good choice of accommodation, cafes, shops and restaurants. Book early during peak season to secure your piece of paradise.

It’s one of few places on Earth where you can come face-to-fin with the biggest fish in the ocean – the whale shark. These gentle filter-feeding giants can be found off the coast there from March to July every year.

▲ Peoples caravan park or Bayview caravan park

Sandy Cape

1,122 kms from Perth | 12 hours

Sandy Cape Crikey Camper Hire

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape is located 10 kilometres north of Jurien Bay. It is a recreational beach camp with 100 sites accessible via two wheel drive vehicles and more camping spots are accessible via four wheel drive vehicles only.
The road into the camp is 5 kilometres of sealed road and 2 kilometres of compacted limestone gravel. As well as the campsite there is parking for day visitors, barbecue facilities, picnic areas, walkways and some of the most stunning beaches in the region.

▲ Sandy Cape Recreation Park has eco-toilets and non potable water – you must bring your own drinking water. There are no powered sites or showers available.

Book your road trip through Australia’s Coral Coast today.


Cable Beach

2,222 kms from Perth| 23 hours

Cable Beach, Broome Crikey Camper Hire

Cable Beach, Broome

With 22 kilometres of pristine white sand edged by the stunning turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, Broome’s Cable Beach attracts visitors from around Australia and the world. This white sandy beach offers many great beach activities. Lay down your towel or hire a deckchair and umbrella, and be lulled into relaxation as the waters gently lap the shoreline.

If you are feeling active, try your hand at swimming, fishing, kayaking, surfing (when the swell is up), a beach stroll along the flat sands, or just relax and soak up some sunshine. For a spectacular ocean sunset, Cable Beach will not disappoint.

▲Cable Beach caravan park


Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park

777 kms from Perth | 8 hours 30 minutes

Lucky Bay, Cape le Grand National Park, WA Crikey Camper Hire

Lucky Bay, Cape le Grand National Park

Australia’s whitest beach, Lucky Bay, is also one of Western Australia’s most idyllic; the biggest jewel in a string of stunning beaches along the coast of Cape Le Grand National Park and Esperance. Its squeaky-clean sand, turquoise water, perfect swimming conditions and breathtaking views of the Recherche Archipelago regularly put it at the top of Australia’s best beach list. Even the kangaroos can’t resist lazing on the sand here.

The bay stretches for five kilometres and with no crowds to battle, you’re guaranteed to find your own slice of paradise to relax or cast a fishing line. Venture beyond the beach and you’ll find some excellent walking tracks, many offering sweeping views of the wildlife-rich Recherche Archipelago. Be sure to keep an eye out for migrating whales between July and October.

▲The caravan and camp grounds in the national park offer picnic areas, solar-heated showers and toilets, ideal for spending a night or two under a star-filled sky and strolling along the moonlit bay, bookings are online only through Parks and Wildlife Service.

Duke of Orleans – Wharton Beach

777 kms from Perth | 8 hours 30 minutes

Duke of Orleans Wharton Beach Crikey Camper Hire

Duke of Orleans Wharton Beach

Duke of Orleans Bay is considered to be among the most picturesque and uncrowded coastal wilderness playgrounds in Australia. It’s affectionately known as ‘The Duke’ by its most regular visitors from Esperance and Kalgoorlie, who come to enjoy family holidays fishing, surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, four-wheel driving and generally kicking back.

Nestled on a peninsula, between Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid national parks, Duke of Orleans Bay is just over an hour’s drive east from Esperance and can be accessed via the sealed Orleans Bay Road. However, many of the secluded bays on the peninsula are accessible by four wheel drive only.

Plan your visit between October and December, and you’ll also see the peninsula and national parks at their most colourful, with a dazzling variety of wildflower blooms.

▲The caravan park is your only overnight option at The Duke, but you do have a choice of cabins, park homes, powered or unpowered sites.



547 kms from Perth | 6 hours

Hopetoun Crikey Camper Hire


Escape to a the southern coastal town of Hopetoun, where the dramatic untouched coastline and magnificent Fitzgerald River National Park invite you to trek, swim, fish and explore one of the most bio-diverse landscapes in the world.

Flanked by 200 kilometres of pristine coastline, Hopetoun boasts a string of stunning beaches where you can swim, surf and fish. Spend a lazy afternoon on Barrens Beach, swimming, snorkelling and exploring the rock pools. Visit the blow holes and cave at East Mylies. Or take the ocean drive from Hopetoun to East Mount Barren Lookout, enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery and vistas along the way.

▲With so much to experience, you’ll want to extend your stay. Camp with kookaburras in the beautiful bush setting of Fitzgerald River National Park, or choose from a range of accommodation options in Hopetoun, including a hotel, motel, caravan park, chalets and holiday cottages.

Book your road trip through Australia’s Golden Outback today.


Bremer Bay

487 kms from Perth | 5 hours 30 minutes

Bremer Bay Crikey Camper Hire

Bremer Bay

Watch one of the greatest shows on Earth as southern right whales come close to shore to calve in the winter. Whilst in summer Orcas come to feast and frolic. Marvel at a flora diversity hotspot. Swim, surf, fish, or grab your bushwalking boots or four wheel drive and explore Bremer Bay and Fitzgerald River National Park.

Bremer Bay is rich in heritage, as well as nature. It was named by Surveyor General John Septimus Roe in honour of Sir James Gordon Bremer, Captain of the Tamar, which sailed into Bremer in 1848.

For a taste of history visit Wellstead Museum, the original settlement in the region. Built in 1850, it’s now home to a host of interesting artefacts and antiques. Or stay at Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat in the national park – a heritage-listed homestead built in 1858.

▲ Bremer Bay caravan park or Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park


Greens Pool, Denmark

440 kms from Perth | 5 hours

Greens Pool, Denmark Crikey Camper Hire

Greens Pool, Denmark

One of Mother Nature’s most inviting swimming pools, Greens Pool is among Western Australia’s most iconic beaches. A picture postcard of clear emerald waters, pure white sand and sculpted rocks that shelter the bay from the swell beyond, it’s a top spot for swimming, snorkelling and diving.
A short scenic drive west of Denmark, passing forests of tall timber giants, brings you to this serene setting in William Bay National Park. Sit and drink in the scenery, explore the rock pools, snorkel, dive, or take a short stroll over the headland to Elephant Rocks, where nature has shaped huge boulders into giant elephant-like sculptures bathing in the clear waters.

▲ BIG4 Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park


299 kms from Perth | 3 hours 30 minutes

Contos Crikey Camper Hire


Contos is remote beach in the Margaret River Region of Australia’s South West.

Unlike some other remote coastal access spots, Contos is accessible to all vehicles. A walking trail loop that begins at Contos car park takes in a vivid section of the Cape to Cape track: swimming in summer is a pleasure, but hiking in the cooler months is equally as connective to the landscape. A small point break attracts surfers less fixated on high performance waves. Rock pools for exploring and rock formations for clambering offers kids at least as much entertainment as the traditional bucket and spade.

▲ Contos campground, bookings are online only through Parks and Wildlife Service.


Hamelin Bay

310 kms from Perth | 3 hours 20 minutes

Hamelin Bay Crikey Camper Hire

Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay on the southwest coast is a serene open sandy bay, famous for the abundance of stingrays which frequent the bay. Snorkel around the bay to enjoy a personal interaction with these remarkable sting rays and see them close up in their natural habitat. Measuring up to two metres across, the friendly stingrays will swim around you. They can also be seen close to the shore feeding off the scraps left by fishermen.
Beach fishing is popular in the bay, and there is also a boat launching ramp if you want to explore the open ocean or many waterways of Augusta. If time permits continue your journey into Augusta and visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

▲ Hamelin Bay or Boranup from $11 per night

Smiths Beach

259 kms from Perth | 3 hours

Smiths Beach, Yallingup Crikey Camper Hire

Smiths Beach, Yallingup

Smiths Beach near Yallingup on the south west coast is where the locals go for summer holidays and is the ideal place to watch spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean.
Sheltered areas offer great conditions for family swimming, while further along, surf breaks are popular for boogy boarders and surfers. The wide expanse of white sand at Smiths Beach is perfect for beach combing and walking. Entire days can be spent relaxing in the sunshine, taking a refreshing dip in the sea, and unwinding from the pressures of every day.

▲ Yallingup Beach Holiday Park


Bunker Bay

261 kms from Perth  | 3 hours

Bunker Bay Crikey Camper Hire

Bunker Bay

Sheltered and pristine, Bunker Bay entices with pure white sand and gentle lapping waves perfect for swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Located within the famous Margaret River Wine Region, the bay is protected by the rocky outcrops of Cape Naturaliste and is one of the few north-facing beaches in Western Australia. It is ideal for families wanting a relaxing day at the beach, as well as divers and snorkelers who enjoy amazing marine life just offshore.

▲ Yallingup Beach Holiday Park or Camp Grace


Meelup Beach

255 kms from Perth | 3 hours

Meelup Beach Crikey Camper Hire

Meelup Beach

Meelup Beach is about a ten minute drive from Dunsborough, it is an ideal spot for a family holiday as the protected bay offers fantastic swimming conditions. This calm bay is a popular place for yachts and sailing boats to drop anchor and enjoy an afternoon of swimming and relaxing. Barbecues and picnic tables sit under leafy gum trees on large grassy areas, making it the perfect spot for a picnic all year round.
Meelup is surrounded by beautiful natural bush land – take one of the coastal walk trails that wind through Meelup Park. You’ll be rewarded with amazing views over the ocean and colourful wildflowers during spring. In late winter and spring whales are often spotted on their migration along the coast.

▲Yallingup Beach Holiday Park or Camp Grace

Cheynes Beach

470 kms from Perth | 5 hours

Cheynes Beach Crikey Camper Hire

Cheynes Beach

Cheynes Beach is a protected cove situated only 68 kilometres east of Albany, with accessible beaches stretching for kilometres with aqua blue waters and sparkling white sands.
There are a variety of activities from excellent fishing, boating, water sports and bush walking. Stand Up Paddle Board hire is available from the office. Experience amazing land-based whale watching in winter and spring! No cruise necessary. Cheynes is home to rare endangered birds, wildflowers and native fauna. The area is surrounded by Waychinicup National Park which contains a beautiful inlet and unique rock formations.

▲ Waychinicup Campsite (4WD accessible only) or Cheynes Beach Caravan Park


Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

449 kms from Perth | 5 hours

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Crikey Camper Hire

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

You’ll find unspoilt coastal scenery and a beautiful beach perfect for swimming at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve near Albany.
The reserve is famous for its small colony of rare and endangered noisy scrub birds. These birds were believed to have been extinct until they were rediscovered at Two Peoples Bay in the 1960s. You can learn more about the birds and the program in place to protect them at the Interpretive Centre.
Take a stroll along the clean white sand of Little Beach and enjoy a scenic view over rolling hills and small granite outcrops. There are some excellent bushwalking tracks including the Two Peoples Bay Heritage Trail which is a one hour hike over the headland and along the beach. Barbecue and toilet facilities are available near the carpark.

▲  Two Peoples Bay Caravan Park or head into Albany for more alternatives

Book your road trip through Australia’s South West today.

Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h, the maximum legal speed while towing is 100km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Courtesy of Australia’s Coral Coast, Australia’s Northwest, Australia’s Golden Outback, Australia’s South West and Tourism WA.
Photos: Rebina Criddle

Top camping locations in the WA Wheatbelt

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Australia's Golden Outback Rebina Criddle

Australia’s Golden Outback – Rebina Criddle

The Wheatbelt is a region within Western Australia’s Golden Outback and is home to Wave rock. As it is only a short drive from Perth, WA’s capital it makes for a perfect family getaway. This is the perfect experience of Australian pioneering history and outback pubs, with an abundance of campgrounds and farmstays it’s the perfect place for your next Crikey holiday.

Here’s our top camping locations within the Wheatbelt region…

Back to Nature Caravan Park

Located in West Gingin, and is just an hours drive north of the metro area. It is within a 30 minute drive from the towns of Gingin, Yanchep, Two Rocks, Guilderton, Lancelin, Seabird and Ledge Point.

Powered and unpowered sites are available along with ablution and laundry facilities.

Baladjie Rock

Baladjie Rock is a granite rock formation located approximately 42 km north of Westonia and approximately 55 km north west of Southern Cross in the eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia and is part of the Baladjie Lake Nature Reserve.

Congelin campground

The campground offers 8 caravan bays and a group camping area with room for approximately 30 campers. Facilities available are toilets, gas BBQs and open ring fire pits (fire wood provided).

Congelin Campground is the only place visitors are permitted to camp with in the Dryandra Woodland area.

Koorda Native Flora Reserve – Campground

Located 14km east of Koorda on the Mulji Road, BBQ and Picnic facililties are on site as well as walk trails and a toilet. This reserve has a large collection of varieties of flora native to the Koorda area including the “Koorda Rose”.

Sandy Cape Recreation Park

Sandy Cape Recreation Park is a very popular white sandy beach campground situated in a small, sheltered bay perfect for water activities. Located 10kms north of  Jurien Bay in the Shire of Dandaragan. To the north and south of this campsite there are some excellent 4WD tracks.

Unpowered sites are available along with ablution facilities.

Wandoo Woodland Bush Camp

Wandoo Woodland Bush Camp sits on the edge of the Darling Scarp, adjacent to the Wandoo National Park and Mt Observation. Only a short drive from the historic Saint Ronan’s Well and the town of York, it is the largest bush block of its type in Western Australia, less than an hour’s drive from Perth.

A basic bush camping site. There are no amenities or potable water available. Dogs welcome but must be on a leash at all times.

Chittering Acres

Just 35 minutes from the Swan Valley, Chittering Acres farm is situated on 700 Acres of stunning rural property offering spectacular views over Lake Chittering and the Chittering Valley.

Pucker Farm Animal Sanctuary

Pucker Farm Animal Sanctuary is situated on a 138 acre farm, the farmhouse being one of the original pioneering buildings in Kondinin dated back to the beginning of the 1900s. It is on a high spot of Kondinin, with vistas extending out to Kondinin Salt Lake & the surrounding golden fields of wheat.

Top 10 foods to take camping

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Unsure which staples to pack for your camping trip? We’ve picked ten essential items that can be easily carried and used in a range of dishes.

Cooking in Pender Bay

Which staples to take camping

Making a meal using just a handful of ingredients you’ve carried along is one of the joys of camping – as long as the ingredients you’ve picked are light and versatile. We’ve chosen 10 ‘staples’ that can create many meals for your campsite dining, perfect to whip up on your stove with our Safari Camper or in your kitchen if you’re in a Caravan.

1. Rice pouches

As one of the most versatile grains, rice is the foundation for so many great meals. Ready-cooked or boil-in-the-bag pouches are light and portable, and go from cooking stove to plastic plate in minutes.

2. Pasta

Whatever shape or size, pasta is a much-loved convenience ingredient that rules in a league of its own. Slender spaghetti is best for saving space, but penne and fusilli are more palatable once they’ve gone cold.

3. Bread

While bread is a must we suggest taking flatbread as you can pack it down easily. They are very versatile; can be made into a pizza or, go Mexican and fold up some melty quesadillas, or use for a wrap.

4. Tinned fruit

Some tinned fruit can double as breakfast or desserts. Tinned fruit can be mixed into an instant salad, but if you want to add a special touch, melt some chocolate to drizzle over tinned pears, then sprinkle with hazelnuts.

5. Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes can be used to make anything from a jacket potato or to bulk-up your pasta dish.

6. Condiments

Condiments are handy when camping as they allow you to add flavour to your cooking without adding to your packing. We recommend Oil, salt, pepper and your favourite sauce.

7. Nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are great for a quick snack with very little effort.

8. Pre-made

It’s time to accept the convenience and ease or ready meals.

  • Pancake mix
  • Long life noodles

9. Deli Meats

Deli meats refer to cooked meats that have been sliced and prepared for a sandwich and other light dining options. Handy for everything from lunches and dinners to snacks and canapés, deli meats add flavour to lots of recipes.  Chorizo can be eaten raw and cooked, perfect for a cheese platter or to be added to scrambled eggs or an omelette. Ham is perfect to add to sandwiches and salads, or pizzas, quiche and pasta dishes.

10. Eggs

Eggs are perfect to bulk up meals or for a simple breakfast however, we suggest buying these every few days.

Don’t forget bottles of water for everyone (they are easy to refill at the back of the camper trailer!)

When Your Journey Awaits

When You Are Ready, Your Journey Awaits

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When you’re ready, your journey awaits;  postpone, plan and pursue…

The Coronavirus has made for a tough and uncertain year, and we are seeing the effect on  tourism as many cancel their plans due to travel bans.

We are in this together and with an ever-changing situation we believe the best way to get through this hardship is to plan for the future. We’re here to give you something to look forward to and dream about. Your Journey Awaits!

Support the Australian Tourism Industry and  postpone your current plans to a later date!

Use this time to plan the best road trip yet! Check out our suggested itineraries.

When the time comes you will be able to pursue your Crikey Holiday.

James Price Point

See our beautiful country the best way we know how… on the road, off road,  in a 200 series Toyota Landcruiser with a camper trailer or in a caravan! Compare our products

When you’re ready, your journey awaits;  postpone, plan and pursue.

Whether it be a weekend away near home, a trip to another state or discovering somewhere in Australia you’ve always wanted to visit.

James Price Point

There is a long road ahead of us and even through we can’t travel at the moment, the road will be there when we can!

We’re ready and your epic road trip awaits…. 

Follow our social hashtags to see where we’re dreaming of heading  #WhenYouAreReady #YourJourneyAwaits #WhenYouAreReadyYourJourneyAwaits

(Photos taken at James Price Point in our 4WD and Safari Camper Package)
Family with Crikey Camper

Public & School Holiday 2020 – 2021

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Public & School Holiday Dates for 2020

National Public Holidays

Wednesday 1st January: New Year’s Day
Sunday 26th  January: Australia Day
Monday 27th  January: Additional public holiday for Australia Day
Friday 10th  April: Good Friday
Saturday 11th April: Easter Saturday
Sunday 12th  April: Easter Sunday
Monday 13th  April: Easter Monday
Saturday 25th  April: Anzac Day
Friday 25th December: Christmas Day
Saturday 26th December: Boxing Day

Western Australian Public Holidays

Monday 2nd March: Labour Day
Monday 1st June: Western Australia Day
Monday 28th September*: Queen’s Birthday

Northern Territory Public Holidays

Monday 4th May: May Day
Monday 8th June: Queen’s Birthday
Friday 26th June*: Borroloola Show Day
Friday 3rd July*: Alice Springs Show Day
Friday 10th July*: Tennant Creek Show Day
Friday 17th July*: Katherine Show Day
Friday 24th July*: Darwin Show Day
Monday 3rd August: Picnic Day

Western Australian School Holiday Dates

Term 1 Holidays 10th April 20 – 27th April 20 (Autumn)
Term 2 Holidays 4th July 20 – 19th July 20 (Winter)
Term 3 Holidays 26th September 20 – 11th October 20 (Spring)
Term 4 Holidays 18th December 20 – 31st January 20 (Summer)

Northern Territory School Holiday Dates

Term 1 Holidays 10th April 20 – 19th April 20
Term 2 Holidays 27th June 20 – 20th July 20
Term 3 Holidays 26th September 20 – 11th October 20
Term 4 Holidays 18th December 20 – 31st January 20

Public Holiday Dates for 2021

National Public Holidays

Friday 1st January: New Year’s Day
Tuesday 26th January: Australia Day
Friday 27th January: Additional public holiday for Australia Day
Friday 2nd April: Good Friday
Saturday 3rd April: Easter Saturday
Sunday 4th April: Easter Sunday
Monday 5th April: Easter Monday
Sunday 25th April: Anzac Day
Saturday 25th December: Christmas Day
Sunday 26th December: Boxing Day

Western Australian Public Holidays

Monday 1st March: Labour Day
Monday 7th June: Western Australia Day
Monday 27th September*: Queen’s Birthday
Monday 27th December: Additional Day for Christmas
Tuesday 28th December: Additional Day for Boxing Day

Northern Territory Public Holidays

Monday 3rd May: May Day
Monday 14th June: Queen’s Birthday
Friday 25th June*: Borroloola Show Day
Friday 2nd July*: Alice Springs Show Day
Friday 9th July*: Tennant Creek Show Day
Friday 16th July*: Katherine Show Day
Friday 23rd July*: Darwin Show Day
Monday 2nd August: Picnic Day
Monday 27th December: Additional Day for Christmas
Tuesday 28th December: Additional Day for Boxing Day

Now you have the dates check out our itineraries!

*Regional observance only
Dates sourced from Tourism Australia 2020

Experience Perth and Surrounds

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Experience Perth and Some of it’s Hidden Gems

Experience Perth and surrounds during your trip in Western Australia. Perth is the major gateway for exploring the South West region or before heading up North or in the Goldfields region. The city is alive and vibrant and offers activities for everyone.

Perth CBD and surrounds

Perth Boat House Andrew Woodcock Crikey Camper Hire

Perth Boat House Andrew Woodcock

Perth CBD is a vibrant city with a lot of activities on offer. The most popular attraction close to the CBD is Kings Park, one of the largest city park in the world! Perth also offers great views over the Swan River with its new and trendy Elizabeth Quay, where you can book a gondola tour or simply take the ferry to cross the river and arrive in South Perth, where Perth Zoo is located. If you are keen to experience Perth’s amazing beaches, simply head to Cottesloe, the most popular beach in Perth with its beautiful postcard landscapes.

Do you have a spare day? Then take the train or drive to Fremantle, a city well known for its maritime history. It is a great place to visit for the day and it is so easy to relax there. Fremantle is also one of the three main ports where you can also take the ferry for a trip to Rottnest Island. Other ferry start points are Elizabeth Quay and Hillarys Boat Harbour (a great place for the kids if you would like to go swimming!).

Rottnest Island is the ultimate place to visit when staying in Perth. It boasts picturesque seascapes and beautiful beaches, accessible by walking or cycling. Let’s not forgot the amazing quokkas! It is hard not to fall in love with those little creatures!

Perth Hills

∼ 43.5 kms | 47 minutes

The Perth Hills are located just half an hour from Perth CBD. It offers a wide array of activities and beautiful landscapes. Kalamunda is one of the most popular town in the Perth Hills. The town is located in the Darling Scarp, east of Perth. It is a great place to visit if you love nature, food and history. Don’t forget to visit the Kalamunda History Village, which is the largest folk museum in Western Australia, depicting the early years of life in the Perth Hills and the industries that developed in the area. If you would like to experience something out of the ordinary, book a camel ride at the Calamunda Camel Farm! You will discover the local bush and might even spot local wildlife. You can find out more on their website.

If you continue driving further East, you will find the town of Mundaring Weir. There, you will discover how water was transported in the early 1900s all the way from Mundaring Weir to the booming Gold Rush town of Kalgoorlie. The Precinct tells the history of the weir and the pipeline through a series of story-telling signs and sculptures by renowned artists. Don’t forget to get lunch or a coffee at the Mundaring Weir Hotel with its beautiful beer garden.

If you are a wine and food lover, then, south of Mundaring Weir, you can explore wineries and cideries along the Bickley Valley Wine and Cider Trails. You can download the trail brochure.

Perth Hills Wildlife and Conservation

∼ 31.6 kms | 35 minutes

If you are looking for a unique experience with native Australian wildlife, then contact Kaarakin, which is a fantastic not-for-profit organisation in the Perth Hills. The organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and release black cockatoos which are threatened with extinction. The sanctuary also takes care of pure bred dingoes, emus and kangaroos. Although it is not open to the public, private tour or black cockatoo/ dingo encounters can be organised by contacting the friendly volunteers at Kaarakin.

Swan Valley

∼ 29.3 kms | 32 minutes

Western Australia's Swan Valley Tourism WA Crikey Camper Hire

Western Australia’s Swan Valley Tourism WA

The Swan Valley is located North of Perth and boasts a wide array of activities. There, you can visit chocolate factories, visit wineries, discover a wildlife park and much more. The Swan Valley has two popular trails, from the groundbreaking Cider and Ale Trail to the Sweet Temptation Trails. Both trails encompasses the best places of the Swan Valley. Both maps can be found on the Swan Valley website. If you have children or desire to see koalas and kangaroos up close, then head to Caversham Wildlife. Caversham Widlife Park is also located in a beautiful park called Whiteman Park, where you can also visit a train museum and take a ride aboard a vintage train.

Whether you have a day or several to spend in Perth, the city will keep you occupied until the start or the end of your trip self-drive trip in Western Australia!

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