Caravans & Camper Trailer Rates

How much does it cost?

We strive to provide the best quality products and service to our customers. We have different rates, depending on which time of the year you are traveling. We highly recommend you to get in touch with us for a detailed quote. Our service extends to assisting you develop a travel itinerary and advise on trip preparation. We are here to ensure your trip is successful. As you may be aware, ALL Crikey Camper Hire’s equipment are current models and meticulously maintained, so you have the peace of mind you will be hiring a well equipped and clean unit. We offer full training on the camper’s use at pick up and provide comprehensive assistance during your trip if you have any questions.

Off-Road Camper

Low Peak: $90
Medium Peak: $110
High Peak: $135

Expanda Caravan

No longer available

Deluxe Expanda

Low Peak: $125
High Peak: $150

Luxury Suite

Low Peak: $135
High Peak: $165