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Perth to Perth journey including destinations along the Southwest

The South West is Western Australia’s most diverse region. It’s rippled with rich history and culture, settled amongst raw natural landscape. The Best of Australia's Southwest itinerary is a 14 day adventure that traverses approximately 1,070km from Perth to Albany. Experience the unspoilt coastline and seaside towns, agricultural lands and national parks harbouring some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna.

Leg 1 Perth to Wellington National Park/Collie ± 200 kms | 2 hours

Swimming with wild dolphins, Dolphin Discovery Centre @TourismWA

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Continue your trip down south to Bunbury. Bunbury is well-known for the Koombana Bay dolphins. Join the team at the Dolphin Discovery Centre for an intimate swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment. If you’re not keen on getting wet, take a Dolphin Eco Cruise within Koombana Bay or pay a visit to their interpretative centre. 

30-40 mins east of Bunbury is Wellington National Park. Here you can camp for the night at Potters Gorge campground amongst the abundant flora and fauna. Otherwise, take a hike along the Jabitj Trail, visit the striking blue water at Black Diamond Lake, view the world’s largest dam mural at Wellington Dam Lookout or visit the small town of Collie. 

Campsite for you:

  • Potters Gorge Campground
  • Collie River Valley Tourist Park

Leg 2 Wellington National Park/Collie to Margaret River ± 152 kms | 2 hours

Busselton Jetty @TourismWA

Make sure to visit Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley. Gnomesville is an ever-expanding home to thousands of garden gnomes. Feel free to bring your own gnome friend to join the Gnomesville community, but just make sure to leave them within the designated area, and don’t mess with any plants while you’re at it.

Not far from Gnomesville is the Tuart Forest. This forest is one of the rarest in the world and has the tallest and largest specimens of Tuart trees on the Swan Coastal Plain. If you are feeling the need for an adventure, visit Forrest Adventure South West. Here you can have some adrenaline-filled fun on high ropes courses and flying foxes, set high among the majestic trees of the legendary Ludlow Tuart Forest.

Continue 15 minutes south to the city of Busselton, where you can visit the longest wooden jetty in the world. Busselton Jetty stretches nearly 2km to the Underwater Observatory. Grab a bite to eat in town or continue the 30-40 minutes to reach your destination, Yallingup or Margaret River.

Campsite for you:

  • Jarvis Estate Winery and Camping
  • Spring Waters Estate
  • Olive Hill Farm RV Campground
  • RAC Margaret River Nature Park
  • Big Valley Campsite

Leg 3 Margaret River to Pemberton ± 150 kms | 2 hours

Gloucester Tree, near Pemberton @TourismWA

Head south on one of the most scenic drives, Caves Road. The Margaret River Region is as spectacular underneath the ground as it is on top. At Yallingup’s Ngilgi Cave, you will learn about the incredible stalactites and stalagmites, and crawl through the famous tunnel of doom! Further down south, take a self-guided tour at Mammoth Cave or take a tour and marvel at the reflections on Lake Cave‘s permanent lake or be dwarfed in Jewel Cave‘s enourmous chambers.

An hour and a half from Jewel Cave is the small town of Pemberton. Whilst at Pemberton, take a forest walking trail to Beedelup Falls and take in views from a suspension bridge. Beedlup Falls is located in a National Park, so you’ll need to pay a fee to enter or use a National Parks Pass. If you are feeling adventurous, climb the highest treetop lookout, the Bicentennial Tree at Warren National Park. Climbing this tree is not for the faint-hearted, however, those who do venture up the 182 pegs to the top will be rewarded with 360-degree views of the karri forest and glimpses of the Yeagarup Dunes and coast beyond. If this tree is too far outside your comfort zone there’s the world’s second-tallest treetop lookout, the Gloucester Tree standing at 58 meters in height. Again, a national park ticket is required so keep your day ticket from your earlier visit to Beedelup Falls.

Campsite for you:

  • RAC Karri Valley Resort
  • Pemberton Caravan Park
  • Big Brook Arboretum
  • Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park

Leg 4 Pemberton to Denmark± 186 kms | 2 hours

William Bay National Park Denmark @TourismWA

Head south from Pemberton towards Walpole, where you can experience the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. The tree top walk is a 600-metre walkway rises 40 metre above the forest floor and provides a birds eye view of the forest.

Approximately two hours south of Pemberton is the small town of Denmark. The main attraction in Denmark is the stunning Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. These protected bays are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. Luckily, both are in the William Bay National Park and no fee is required for entry. Travel along the scenic Scotsdale Tourist Drive, stopping to feast on delicious produce and taste some award-winning cool climate wines. Explore Denmark’s unique art scene and boutique retail, picking up locally produced art and trinkets on your way.

Campsite for you:

  • BIG4 Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park
  • Riverbend Chalets and Caravan Park
  • Big Brook Arboretum
  • Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park

Leg 5 Denmark to Albany ± 54 kms | 45 mins

The Gap, Torndirrup National Park Credit Kyle Bowman @TourismWA

Today is your shortest day of driving, with Albany only 45 mins away from Denmark. Along the way make a detour through West Cape Howe National Park to visit Shelly Beach.

After visiting Shelly Beach, make your way to the historic city of Albany. Albany is a small town filled with charming heritage buildings, restaurants, bars and taverns. Visit the National Anzac Centre at Mount Clarence, where the first and second convoys of Australian and New Zealand troops departed for the First World War. Head to The Gap and Natural Bridge to see the power of nature in action and learn about whaling history at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station. Or if you feel the need to head to the beach for some swimming stop by at Little Beach and Two Peoples Bay.

Campsite for you:

  • BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park
  • Tasman Holiday Parks – Albany
  • Acclaim Albany Holiday Park
  • Panorama Caravan Park
  • BIG4 Emu Beach Holiday Park 

Leg 6 Albany to Perth ± 410 kms | 5 hours

Stirling Range National Park @CJExplores

Make the long trip back to our Crikey Camper Hire Perth depot to return your 4WD, luxury caravan or camper trailer.

Along the way, make time to visit the Granite Skywalk in the Porongurup National Park or another option is to climb Bluff Knoll, the highest peak of the Stirling Range in the South West region.

Campsite for you:

  • BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park
  • Stirling Range Retreat
  • Porongurup Range Tourist Park
  • Mt Barker Caravan Park

We hope you had a nice trip exploring all the spectacular attractions the South West has to offer. Feel free to use this itinerary as inspiration if you wish to travel in revers. If you are interested in exploring more of what Western Australia has to offer have a look at our other itineraries here.

If you share any of photos of this trip on social media make sure to use our hashtag: #mycrikeyholiday

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