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Top 10 foods to take camping

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Unsure which staples to pack for your camping trip? We’ve picked ten essential items that can be easily carried and used in a range of dishes.

Cooking in Pender Bay

Which staples to take camping

Making a meal using just a handful of ingredients you’ve carried along is one of the joys of camping – as long as the ingredients you’ve picked are light and versatile. We’ve chosen 10 ‘staples’ that can create many meals for your campsite dining, perfect to whip up on your stove with our Safari Camper or in your kitchen if you’re in a Caravan.

1. Rice pouches

As one of the most versatile grains, rice is the foundation for so many great meals. Ready-cooked or boil-in-the-bag pouches are light and portable, and go from cooking stove to plastic plate in minutes.

2. Pasta

Whatever shape or size, pasta is a much-loved convenience ingredient that rules in a league of its own. Slender spaghetti is best for saving space, but penne and fusilli are more palatable once they’ve gone cold.

3. Bread

While bread is a must we suggest taking flatbread as you can pack it down easily. They are very versatile; can be made into a pizza or, go Mexican and fold up some melty quesadillas, or use for a wrap.

4. Tinned fruit

Some tinned fruit can double as breakfast or desserts. Tinned fruit can be mixed into an instant salad, but if you want to add a special touch, melt some chocolate to drizzle over tinned pears, then sprinkle with hazelnuts.


5. Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes can be used to make anything from a jacket potato or to bulk-up your pasta dish.

6. Condiments

Condiments are handy when camping as they allow you to add flavour to your cooking without adding to your packing. We recommend Oil, salt, pepper and your favourite sauce.

7. Nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are great for a quick snack with very little effort.


8. Pre-made

It’s time to accept the convenience and ease or ready meals.

  • Pancake mix
  • Long life noodles

9. Deli Meats

Deli meats refer to cooked meats that have been sliced and prepared for a sandwich and other light dining options. Handy for everything from lunches and dinners to snacks and canapés, deli meats add flavour to lots of recipes.  Chorizo can be eaten raw and cooked, perfect for a cheese platter or to be added to scrambled eggs or an omelette. Ham is perfect to add to sandwiches and salads, or pizzas, quiche and pasta dishes.

10. Eggs

Eggs are perfect to bulk up meals or for a simple breakfast however, we suggest buying these every few days.

Don’t forget bottles of water for everyone (they are easy to refill at the back of the camper trailer!)

When Your Journey Awaits

When You Are Ready, Your Journey Awaits

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When you’re ready, your journey awaits;  postpone, plan and pursue…

The Coronavirus has made for a tough and uncertain year, and we are seeing the effect on  tourism as many cancel their plans due to travel bans.

We are in this together and with an ever-changing situation we believe the best way to get through this hardship is to plan for the future. We’re here to give you something to look forward to and dream about. Your Journey Awaits!

Support the Australian Tourism Industry and  postpone your current plans to a later date!

Use this time to plan the best road trip yet! Check out our suggested itineraries.

When the time comes you will be able to pursue your Crikey Holiday.

James Price Point

See our beautiful country the best way we know how… on the road, off road,  in a 200 series Toyota Landcruiser with a camper trailer or in a caravan! Compare our products here.

When you’re ready, your journey awaits;  postpone, plan and pursue.

Whether it be a weekend away near home, a trip to another state or discovering somewhere in Australia you’ve always wanted to visit.

James Price Point

There is a long road ahead of us and even through we can’t travel at the moment, the road will be there when we can!

We’re ready and your epic road trip awaits…. 

Follow our social hashtags to see where we’re dreaming of heading  #WhenYouAreReady #YourJourneyAwaits #WhenYouAreReadyYourJourneyAwaits

(Photos taken at James Price Point in our 4WD and Safari Camper Package)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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This information is valid as of 1.04.2020 as it is likely to change as the situation progresses, please check back regularly for updated information.

We would like to keep our customers up to date with how our company is responding to COVID 19 and in particular options surrounding rental bookings. This is an ever changing situation and as a result our position is being constantly reviewed and the information below is current as of 1st April 2020.

During the current period where extenuating circumstances exist, such as government-mandated restrictions on travel, quarantine, etc. we have made the following exceptions to our cancellation policy.

Australian Government direction

We will waive the normal cancellation fee whilst the Australian Government has an official travel warning or ban in place that prevents you from reaching your collection point on the first day/ date of rental.

What can you do if you are affected by a COVID 19 event?

Should your booking be affected by our cancellation policy there are 3 avenues to consider;

  1. Reschedule your booking
  2. Monitor relief packages being offered by your travel insurance provider
  3. Work with us to ensure all customers have access to their entitlements based on the company’s desire to deliver a sustainable outcome for everybody

During this period our administration staff are still on hand to assist you. Please be aware the team are currently experiencing a high level of telephone and email traffic, and therefore we apologise in advance if our response time is longer than what would normally be expected.

Reschedule your booking

When you are ready, your journey awaits………

Our current situation is not going to last forever, and things will return to normal, including road trip holidays.  You are welcome to book for the same time next year or for different dates, duration or direction of travel.

Should you wish to Postpone your booking, 100% of any cancellation fee or deposit will be offset against future travel and we will reward your support with a further discount.

For many customers it will be more advantageous to reschedule a booking rather than to cancel the booking altogether.

We are offering the following incentives for all clients to reschedule their holiday


For rescheduled bookings made up until 30th June 2020 we will honor 2020/21 rental rates.


For rescheduled bookings made up until 30th June 2020 we will discount your rental rates by a further 5%

Generous redemption period

Customers will have 24 months to redeem their postponed booking.

Credit Note issued

Should you not have new dates in mind, the company will issue a Credit Note preserving the value of your booking for a later date. Our team will be in regular contact with you to help you arrange your trip.


Rescheduling will ensure that preferred dates and direction of travel are secured for the customer. As we are offering an incentive to reschedule rather than cancel, we anticipate 2021 fleet capacity will be taken up earlier than normal booking trends.

Get in early….

Product changes permitted

You are welcome to change your selected product to any vehicle type offered by Crikey Campers or Red Dirt 4WD Rental.

Vehicle selection is naturally subject to availability.

No cost changes

We do not charge fees should a booking need to be changed slightly after air travel is booked.

Changes are naturally subject to availability.

Travel Insurance

In some cases, your travel insurance provider may cover your cancellation costs.

It is becoming apparent that some providers, including those products offered by your Credit Card provider are altering their initial stance of “No cover” since Government travel restrictions have been imposed.

Contact your provider and stay abreast of their current claim payment policy.

Please contact our staff to obtain the necessary documentation to support your claim.

We are in this together

In cases where you are owed money by the company we ask you to work with us.

The unforeseeable and sudden nature of the events leading to a large number of booking cancellations over a short period of time will put significant pressure on the cash reserves of all tourism providers. We are affected by this scenario.

We ask you to work with us so we can address the scale of the company’s exposure and provide a sustainable payment plan to all those that qualify.

It will take the cooperation of all stakeholders to achieve this outcome.

As the effect of current events have not yet settled, please be aware that the company is not in the position to commit to a defined time frame at this point.

As we emerge from the current travel environment, you may wish to convert your cancellation request into a booking. In these circumstances you will be afforded the same postponement incentives as originally offered.

The company will be constantly monitoring official advice and work to maintain the health and safety of its clients and staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact.

Regards, Andrew Woodcock
Director – Crikey Campers (WA) Pty Ltd

Important Announcement

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Operational Shut Down

Following the advice of the Australian Government and World Health Organisation, we are devastated to inform you that our business will be going into “Operational Shut Down” until 30th April 2020, after which time our position will be reviewed. At this stage it looks very likely that the shut-down will extend beyond this initial date.

This certainly was not an easy decision for us to make, although as we operate throughout regional Western Australian and Northern Territory, we feel a strong sense of social responsibility to not only keep our guests and employees safe, but also to protect our regional communities.

It is with great sadness that we have had to let many of our valued staff members go as we respond to the challenging trading environment.

However, we are still here to help.

In the interim our administration team will still be on hand. The administration team are currently focused on managing the insurmountable level of booking alterations and maintaining communication with our valued clients during this ever-changing situation.

For those travelers who were planning to visit our region in 2020, we hope you are able to postpone your travel plans and join us in 2021, or as soon as we can responsibly recommence our rental operations.

All current bookings are fully transferable, and we have committed to honoring 2020 rates for these existing bookings if you elect to postpone. Our team are working through current bookings and will contact you in due course.

If you are considering new travel plans with us, no booking deposit will be required until the appropriate Australian Government travel restrictions are lifted.

We appreciate your support and understanding.


Andrew Woodcock

Director – Crikey Campers (WA) Pty Ltd

Family with Crikey Camper

Public & School Holiday 2020 – 2021

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Public & School Holiday Dates for 2020

National Public Holidays

Wednesday 1st January: New Year’s Day
Sunday 26th  January: Australia Day
Monday 27th  January: Additional public holiday for Australia Day
Friday 10th  April: Good Friday
Saturday 11th April: Easter Saturday
Sunday 12th  April: Easter Sunday
Monday 13th  April: Easter Monday
Saturday 25th  April: Anzac Day
Friday 25th December: Christmas Day
Saturday 26th December: Boxing Day

Western Australian Public Holidays

Monday 2nd March: Labour Day
Monday 1st June: Western Australia Day
Monday 28th September*: Queen’s Birthday

Northern Territory Public Holidays

Monday 4th May: May Day
Monday 8th June: Queen’s Birthday
Friday 26th June*: Borroloola Show Day
Friday 3rd July*: Alice Springs Show Day
Friday 10th July*: Tennant Creek Show Day
Friday 17th July*: Katherine Show Day
Friday 24th July*: Darwin Show Day
Monday 3rd August: Picnic Day

Western Australian School Holiday Dates

Term 1 Holidays 10th April 20 – 27th April 20 (Autumn)
Term 2 Holidays 4th July 20 – 19th July 20 (Winter)
Term 3 Holidays 26th September 20 – 11th October 20 (Spring)
Term 4 Holidays 18th December 20 – 31st January 20 (Summer)

Northern Territory School Holiday Dates

Term 1 Holidays 10th April 20 – 19th April 20
Term 2 Holidays 27th June 20 – 20th July 20
Term 3 Holidays 26th September 20 – 11th October 20
Term 4 Holidays 18th December 20 – 31st January 20

Public Holiday Dates for 2021

National Public Holidays

Friday 1st January: New Year’s Day
Tuesday 26th January: Australia Day
Friday 27th January: Additional public holiday for Australia Day
Friday 2nd April: Good Friday
Saturday 3rd April: Easter Saturday
Sunday 4th April: Easter Sunday
Monday 5th April: Easter Monday
Sunday 25th April: Anzac Day
Saturday 25th December: Christmas Day
Sunday 26th December: Boxing Day

Western Australian Public Holidays

Monday 1st March: Labour Day
Monday 7th June: Western Australia Day
Monday 27th September*: Queen’s Birthday
Monday 27th December: Additional Day for Christmas
Tuesday 28th December: Additional Day for Boxing Day

Northern Territory Public Holidays

Monday 3rd May: May Day
Monday 14th June: Queen’s Birthday
Friday 25th June*: Borroloola Show Day
Friday 2nd July*: Alice Springs Show Day
Friday 9th July*: Tennant Creek Show Day
Friday 16th July*: Katherine Show Day
Friday 23rd July*: Darwin Show Day
Monday 2nd August: Picnic Day
Monday 27th December: Additional Day for Christmas
Tuesday 28th December: Additional Day for Boxing Day

Now you have the dates check out our itineraries!

*Regional observance only
Dates sourced from Tourism Australia 2020

Experience Perth and surrounds

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Experience Perth & some of its hidden gems

Experience Perth & Surrounds during your trip in Western Australia. Perth is the major gateway for exploring the South West region or before heading up North or in the Goldfields region. The city is alive and vibrant and offers activities for everyone.

Perth CBD and surrounds

Perth CBD is a vibrant city with a lot of activities on offer. The most popular attraction close to the CBD is Kings Park, one of the largest city park in the world! Perth also offers great views over the Swan River with its new and trendy Elizabeth Quay, where you can book a gondola tour or simply take the ferry to cross the river and arrive in South Perth, where Perth Zoo is located. If you are keen to experience Perth’s amazing beaches, simply head to Cottesloe, the most popular beach in Perth with its beautiful postcard landscapes. Do you have a spare day? Then take the train or drive to Fremantle, a city well known for its maritime history. It is a great place to visit for the day and it is so easy to relax there. Fremantle is also one of the three main ports where you can also take the ferry for a trip to Rottnest Island. Other ferry start points are Elizabeth quay and Hillarys Boat Harbour (a great place for the kids if you would like to go swimming!). Rottnest Island is the ultimate place to visit when staying in Perth. It boasts picturesque seascapes and beautiful beaches, accessible by walking or cycling. Let’s not forgot the amazing quokkas! It is hard not to fall in love with those little creatures!

Perth Hills

The Perth Hills are located just half an hour from Perth CBD. It offers a wide array of activities and beautiful landscapes. Kalamunda is one of the most popular town in the Perth Hills. The town is located in the Darling Scarp, east of Perth. It is a great place to visit if you love nature, food and history. Don’t forget to visit the Kalamunda History Village, which is the largest folk museum in Western Australia, depicting the early years of life in the Perth Hills and the industries that developed in the area. If you would like to experience something out of the ordinary, book a camel ride at the Calamunda Camel Farm! You will discover the local bush and might even spot local wildlife. You can find out more on their website. If you continue driving further East, you will find the town of Mundaring Weir. There, you will discover how water was transported in the early 1900s all the way from Mundaring Weir to the booming Gold Rush town of Kalgoorlie. The Precinct tells the history of the weir and the pipeline through a series of story-telling signs and sculptures by renowned artists. Don’t forget to get lunch or a coffee at the Mundaring Weir Hotel with its beautiful beer garden. If you are a wine and food lover, then, south of Mundaring Weir, you can explore wineries and cideries along the Bickley Valley Wine and Cider Trails. You can download the trail brochure here.

Perth Hills Wildlife and Conservation

If you are looking for a unique experience with native Australian wildlife, then contact Kaarakin, which is a fantastic not-for-profit organisation in the Perth Hills. The organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and release black cockatoos which are threatened with extinction. The sanctuary also takes care of pure bred dingoes, emus and kangaroos. Although it is not open to the public, private tour or black cockatoo/ dingo encounters can be organised by contacting the friendly volunteers at Kaarakin.

Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is located North of Perth and boasts a wide array of activities. There, you can visit chocolate factories, visit wineries, discover a wildlife park and much more. The Swan Valley has two popular trails, from the groundbreaking Cider and Ale Trail to the Sweet Temptation Trails. Both trails encompasses the best places of the Swan Valley. Both maps can be found on the Swan Valley website. If you have children or desire to see koalas and kangaroos up close, then head to Caversham Wildlife. Caversham Widlife Park is also located in a beautiful park called Whiteman Park, where you can also visit a train museum and take a ride aboard a vintage train.

Whether you have a day or several to spend in Perth, the city will keep you occupied until the start or the end of your trip self-drive trip in Western Australia!




Tanami Track Itinerary

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Tanami Track Itinerary: What you need to know about the Tanami Track

The Tanami Road (aka Tanami Track) is an old stock route running over 1,000 kms through the Tanami Desert between Halls Creek in WA and Alice Springs in the NT.

Tanami Track Map

Travelers will need to be completely self sufficient during the drive as water, fuel and food stops along the route are scarce and supply can be unreliable.
It is strongly recommended that additional fuel containers are filled and taken when traveling this route.
It is vital enough drinking water is taken to last the full distance, plus an additional 20% in case of emergency. There are bore water tanks along the route, however the may be dry or likely to contain unpotable water (unsafe for drinking).

There are no designated campsites along the Tanami Track, it is simply a matter of finding a suitable place to set up camp.
The scrub consists of salt bushes and spinifex, so it can be difficult to find a clear area. Often bore tanks or roadhouse locations provide the best places to spend the night.

The road condition along the Tanami is unpredicatble and changes with every wet season. The roads are graded and there may be areas of heavy corrugations.
Road trains and large trucks travel along the Tanami Road when transporting goods to remote communities and operational mines. As on all dirt roads, it is good practice to move to the far left side of the road and slow your speed right down – even coming to a complete stop if the oncoming traffic is a road train or truck carrying an oversized / wide load. This prevents kicking up dust which impares visibility for the oncoming traffic, and minimises the chance of stones breaking windows.

Tanami Track Map

Tanami Track Itinerary: FUEL STOPS
168km from Halls Creek – 885km from Alice Springs
7am-12noon & 2pm-4pm Mon to Fri
9am – 11am Sat

246 km from Halls Creek – 807km from Alice Springs
Note:      Balgo is approximately 35km off Tanami Rd
Must call (08) 9168 8900 prior to entry
9am – 12noon & 2pm-4pm Mon to Fri
9am – 12noon Sat

754km from Halls Creek – 299km from Alice Springs
Note: Unreliable – be prepared for no fuel available.
8.30am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm Mon to Fri
9.30am – 12noon Sat & Sun

Tilmouth Roadhouse
854km from Halls Creek – 199km from Alice Springs
7am – 9pm 7 days per week

Rabbit Flat Roadhouse – PERMANENTLY CLOSED from December 31st 2010.
Only souvenir sales and weather reporting still in operation.

Halls Creek Visitors Information Centre
71 Thomas St
Halls Creek
Ph (08) 9168 6007

Halls Creek Police Station
Lot 68 Great Northern Highway
Halls Creek WA 6770
Ph (08) 9168 9777

Alice Springs Visitors Information Centre
60 Gregory Terrace
Alice Springs
Ph: (08) 8952 5800

Alice Springs Police Station
17 Bath St
Alice Springs NT 0870
Ph (08) 8951 8822

Useful Links

This information was correct at the time of writing – March 2017.
This Tanami Track Itinerary is to be used as a guide only and we strongly recommend you independently verify all the information relating to fuel, water, trading hours and road conditions to obtain accurate information for your dates of travel.

El Questro Wilderness Park

Gibb River Road 4WD Hire

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Hire a 4WD to travel on the Gibb River Road

Crikey Campers hire powerful Toyota LandCruiser 4WD’s paired with an Off Road Camper Trailer. Contrary to motor homes, our Crikey Camper 4WD Camper package can be taken fully off-road such as on the popular Gibb River Road.

The Gibb River Road is an adventure for some and more precisely a trip of a lifetime for others! You will be experiencing new and unfamiliar territory and explore of the last pristine regions of Australia. When comparing 4WD Self-drive products it is important that the equipment, standard specifications, fees and charges and suitability of the product hired for your trip is considered. Dig a little deeper than a simple online search and you will find that a Crikey Camper package is a unique product that has been designed to offer the outback traveler a safe and comfortable experience. You can find how we compare on this page.

Crikey Campers only hire Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser 4WD’s paired with a robust camper trailer made locally here in Perth, Western Australia. This 4WD and Safari Camper package is fully equipped for your trip on the Gibb River Road and comes with 3 interchangeable spare tyres.

Space is not an issue in our Crikey 4WD Camper. Luggage and load space can often be under-estimated while looking for a 4WD hire. Bedding, tents, water, cooking facilities, food, refrigeration, tools and recovery equipment and on average up to 60 litres of personal luggage per person need to be accounted for. Therefore, it becomes challenging for more than 2 people to travel in a single 4WD 4 door wagon. Due to its unique concept, the Crikey Camper package offers over 400 litres of storage independent of the vehicle! You can find out more about the storage on this page.

Contact us today by phone or email to find out more!




Katherine Gorge

Darwin in 7 Days

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Darwin Itinerary in 7 Days

With a week to spend in Darwin & Surrounds, our Darwin in 7 Days itinerary will make you discover the culture, the natural attractions and the wildlife of the Top End. The city of Darwin offers many activities such as

Day 1 Darwin to Litchfield (115 kms/ 1.5 hrs)

Before arriving in Litchfield National Park, you will pass through the town of Batchelor. There, you will find a butterfly farm, museum and plenty of places to grab lunch. Camping is available year-round at Wangi and Florence Falls. Four-wheel drive camping areas are available at Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek), Surprise Creek Falls and Florence Falls.

Day 2 Litchfield National Park

Keep enjoying the national park for another day.

A summary of activities you could do during your time at Litchfield:

  • swimming
  • camping
  • bushwalking
  • wildlife spotting
  • visit scenic lookouts
  • view historic ruins at Blyth Homestead and Bamboo Creek
  • four-wheel driving.

Day 3 Litchfield to Kakadu National Park (159 kms – 2 hours)

Kakadu is by far the most popular place in the Top End. It is Australia’s largest national park covering 20,000 hectares with stunning landscapes and amazing Aboriginal rock art sites. There are many options for campsites and would depend on how far you drive in the national park.

Day 4 Kakadu National Park

Explore on foot, join a cruise or guided tour, spot crocs or birds and make a splash in one of the many waterfalls. Another option is to book a guided tour to Arnhem Land and visit the Injalak Art gallery. Please note a permit is required to access Arnhem Land. Call 08 8920 5100 or visit www.nlc.org.au. 

Day 5 Kakadu National Park – Nitmiluk National Park (Up to 300 kms/ 3.5 – 4 hrs, depending on where you are located in the park)

Nitmiluk National Park has 13 stunning gorges which can be explored by foot, canoe, boat or helicopter. The most popular ones are Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge. If you have time for a walk, Sweetwater Pool can be reached by a short 4.5 kilometre walk from Leliyn / Edith Falls. You can also take a scenic flight over the 13 gorges of the park or jump on a cruise. There are also plenty of art galleries in Katherine. The Park has two main points of visitor access. The Gorge entrance to the park is 30km east of Katherine on the sealed Gorge Road. Follow the signs. The turnoff to Leliyn (Edith Falls) is 40km north of Katherine along the Stuart Highway. The park entry is 20km further along Edith Falls Road. Powered and non-powered sites are available near the Gorge Caravan Park and non-powered sites are available at Leliyn (Edith Falls). You can also stay at one of Katherine’s caravan parks.

Day 6 Nitmiluk National Park

Keep enjoying Katherine. Don’t forget to stop at the Katherine Hot Springs. Other activities available in Katherine include:

Day 7 Drive back to Darwin (317 kms/ 3.5 hrs)

On your way back to Darwin, stop in Pine Creek to visit this old gold rush mining town. There you can visit the historic railway heritage
museum and take in the stunning views from the lookout.

Sources: nt.gov.au, Northern Territory


4WD and Safari Camper package: What to pack?

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How much space do I have?

A lot! Yes, that’s true! Compared to other 4WD Camper providers, our 4WD and Safari Camper package is generous in space. This set up is one of the safest you will find in Australia, as it allows to spread the weight evenly.

How much space in the 4WD?

  • There is some free space at the back of the 4WD which is usually good for storing your food.
  • There is also space on top of the 4WD (on the roof rack)

How much space in the Camper trailer?

  • There is some space left in the front pods (depending on how many chairs you need).
  • There are compartments and drawers available inside the camper trailer for your personal belongings.
  • Remember your beds remain made so that means less to worry about!
  • The kitchen comes fully equipped for your cooking needs.
  • No need to bring water as the camper trailer comes with an in-built water tank (165 L).
  • The camping table goes inside the camper trailer. Bags, personal items and food can also be stored on top of the table. Basically, the camper trailer has a squared space width of 1.2 m and a height of 44 cm available for storage (not including the camping table).

Have a look inside our 4WD and Safari Camper package with our 360 degree view

4WD 360 degree view

Safari Camper Trailer 360 degree view

What should I pack?

We always recommend to travel with soft bags as they are easy to store and don’t take too much space. As our package comes fully equipped, all you need to bring is your clothes and toiletries. We provide a complimentary linen package for hires over 15 days. Under 15 days, it is $100 charge.  At pick up, we will show you where the nearest supermarket is located for your shopping needs. See, it’s that simple to travel in a Crikey Campers!

What food should I buy?

Please visit our Meal Ideas blog article for more information on what kind of food is best to buy for a camping trip.

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