How much space do I have?

A lot! Yes, that’s true! Compared to other 4WD Camper providers, our 4WD and Safari Camper package is generous in space. This set up is one of the safest you will find in Australia, as it allows to spread the weight evenly.

How much space in the 4WD?

  • There is some free space at the back of the 4WD which is usually good for storing your food.
  • There is also space on top of the 4WD (on the roof rack)

How much space in the Camper trailer?

  • There is some space left in the front pods (depending on how many chairs you need).
  • There are compartments and drawers available inside the camper trailer for your personal belongings.
  • Remember your beds remain made so that means less to worry about!
  • The kitchen comes fully equipped for your cooking needs.
  • No need to bring water as the camper trailer comes with an in-built water tank (165 L).
  • The camping table goes inside the camper trailer. Bags, personal items and food can also be stored on top of the table. Basically, the camper trailer has a squared space width of 1.2 m and a height of 44 cm available for storage (not including the camping table).

Have a look inside our 4WD and Safari Camper package with our 360 degree view

4WD 360 degree view

Safari Camper Trailer 360 degree view

What should I pack?

We always recommend to travel with soft bags as they are easy to store and don’t take too much space. As our package comes fully equipped, all you need to bring is your clothes and toiletries. We provide a complimentary linen package for hires over 15 days. Under 15 days, it is $100 charge.  At pick up, we will show you where the nearest supermarket is located for your shopping needs. See, it’s that simple to travel in a Crikey Campers!

What food should I buy?

Please visit our Meal Ideas blog article for more information on what kind of food is best to buy for a camping trip.

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